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About the Website

The Credits

1997 - 1999

The content of these pages owes a debt to the work of Chris Webb and Matt Arnold. Matt put together the original First and Third web pages in the spring of 1997. The management of the site was later taken over by Chris who added to the site's feel and design. At the time of writing (June 2003) the Cam clubs and the Club pages contain material that has survived word for word from this first edition.

1999 - 2000

Andrew Hogley took over the site in early 1999. He rewrote the site, incorporating the older material and creating a layout which formed the basis of that used today. Although there wasn't an official committee post, he agreed to continue running his new site in a semi-official capacity for 1999-2000. Material from many of Andrew's new pages survives in the Members section and the race reports that survive have been incorporated in today's results archive.

2000 - 2002

Martin Peck took over the website in the early summer 2000, decided on the domain name and created a popular design based on the Lents 2000 headship. Martin was keen on developing records of results and crews; new crews, results and gallery sections were created - although at this stage these could not be updated by members. The first of today's interactive members' features arrived in the form of Groups in the May Term 2001.

2002 - 2003

For 2002 - 2003 a new committee post, "webmaster", was created in recognition of the increasingly prominent role of the website in the daily running of the club and was filled by Jonathon Davies. Jonathon added several features to the site for use by committee members. Meanwhile, Martin's interest in a results archive continued and today's interactive results and crews sections were installed in early 2003, followed by the new photo gallery later that year.

2003 - 2004

The second person to take on the official role of "webmaster" was Iain Edwards. Iain graduated from the role of kit and social secretary and so turned his attention to creating an online kit order. He also created the extensive section on the College and town clubs in Cambridge.

2004 - 2006

Catherine Aiken was the site's first webmistress. This was a very fine period for the website, most notable for the acclaimed BumpIT bumps prediction game which she designed and commissioned.

2006 - 2008

Bryn Garrod joined Martin Peck in ongoing maintenance and support of the site in 2006. He shared Martin's enthusiasm for maintaining a complete record of the club's achievements - for example taking over from Martin the task of adding full race results. Bryn also added a number of new features - including the club's boats page and the Mitchell Cup bumps results calculator.


2008 sees the website team continuing to grow. The webmaster, James Strawson, is supported by Pedro Cunha who updated the novice rowing guide whilst Martin and Bryn continue to contribute behind the scenes.

Other contributors

A large number of other First and Third people have contributed to the various features; the list below could never be complete, but our thanks are owed to everyone.

We are also very grateful to John Thompson and Jet Photographic for allowing us to use his prints. Jet is a Cambridge based company (details below) specialising in Rowing Photography.

Jet Photographic,
The Cambridge Studio,
7 Boltoph Lane,

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