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The boat club owns a number of boats of different sizes. Most college rowing is done in eights, most famously the Lent and May Bumps. The notable exception to this is the University IVs competition, which is raced mainly in coxed fours, with the elite men's event taking place in coxless fours (known as light fours uniquely in this competition).

The other boats used for racing are coxless pairs (which can also be set up as double sculls) and single sculls, which are collectively known as small boats. These boats are used primarily as aids to training, but they get a rare taste of competition during a series of races at the start of each May Term known as the Small Boats Regatta.

Click here to find out more about the terms used on this page and about rowing in general.

This page lists both those boats that are still used by the Club and those that are sadly no longer with us, sorted by their sizes. The current boats are listed with their most recent official crews, all boats with the number of events they have been used in, and the eights with the number of bumps races they have raced and their bumps aggregate.

The club\'s VIIIs
The Club's VIIIs

Boats in current use

Boats no longer in use

Boats in current use

1. Amanda
2nd women's VIII
18 events; 18 bumps races (up 10)
2. Black Prince (Empacher, 2020 (FTT805))
1st men's VIII
32 events; 20 bumps races (down 12)
3. Queen Elizabeth I
1st women's VIII
32 events; 36 bumps races (down 9)
4. Black Prince (Empacher, 2008 (FTT804))
2nd men's VIII
129 events; 116 bumps races (up 15)
5. Valkyrie
3rd women's VIII
101 events; 100 bumps races (up 8)
6. Black Prince (Janousek, 2007 (FTT803))
3rd men's VIII
160 events; 109 bumps races (down 5)
7. Denys Lawrence
2nd women's novice VIII (Mich Term 2021)
179 events; 178 bumps races (up 29)
8. Black Prince (Janousek, 1998 (FTT801))
2nd men's novice VIII (Mich Term 2023)
227 events; 160 bumps races (down 24)
9. David Jones
3rd men's novice VIII (Mich Term 2023)
27 events; 20 bumps races (down 9)
10. Richard Church
Mixed NW3+NM4 (Mich Term 2023)
130 events; 102 bumps races (down 10)
11. Peter Brandt
2nd women's novice VIII (Mich Term 2023)
112 events; 51 bumps races (down 28)
12. Titan
4th men's novice VIII (Mich Term 2023)
130 events; 64 bumps races (down 7)

Coxless Fours
1. Michael Proctor
Light IV (Mich Term 2013)
17 events

Coxed Fours
1. The Prince of Wales
1st men's IV (Mich Term 2013)
55 events
2. Sirens
1st women's IV (Mich Term 2018)
86 events
3. Michael Longford
2nd men's IV (Mich Term 2009)
72 events
4. Scylla
1st women's IV (Mich Term 2019)
73 events
5. Lucy Ormiston
No official crews
No events
6. Leviathan
No official crews
3 events

Coxless Pairs
1. Amartya Sen
32 events
2. Hambleden
43 events
3. Freya
6 events

Coxed Pairs
1. Joss Cadbury
No events
2. Tub pair
3 events

Single Sculls
1. Pike
18 events
2. Eel
10 events
3. Muddy Waters
33 events
4. Tracey
3 events

Boats no longer in use

1. Black Prince (Janousek, 1994 (FTT802))
131 events; 86 bumps races (up 23)
2. Black Prince (Aylings (TR4))
75 events; 72 bumps races (up 17)
3. Black Prince (Karlisch (TR3))
52 events; 52 bumps races (up 4)
4. Black Prince (restricted shell (TR5))
29 events; 20 bumps races (down 9)
5. Margot
75 events; 80 bumps races (up 12)
6. Mary Tudor
13 events; 8 bumps races (down 12)
7. Homerton's Aylings
4 events; 4 bumps races (stayed level)
8. Fairmaid
2 events; no bumps races
9. Conqueror
No events; no bumps races

Coxless Fours
1. Mary Gwyneth
13 events

Coxed Fours
1. Charybdis
26 events
2. Rab
No events

Coxless Pairs
1. Impala
4 events
2. Pauline
No events

Single Sculls
1. Magpie
15 events
2. Stump
15 events

1. Scylla & Charybdis
1 event

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