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Name Esther Hobson, EV
Side cox

1. All vantage points w...
2. People outside Club M
3. (Almost complete) Gr...

Rowing Career

According to our records, Esther Hobson has rowed in 1 event with First & Third (or BPBC) at a highest level of 2nd men's VIII and most recently on 11 May 2003.


Number of posts  182
Most recent post  31 May 2007 5:36pm, re: Members' poll: We row in order to...
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2002 - 2003

2nd women's VIII, May Term 2003

Full results record

2002 - 2003

Cam Sprints (2nd division): Won by 2 lengths (Corpus I) in the semi finals and Won Easily (Trinity Hall II) in the final (2nd men's VIII, coxswain)

Number of events: 1
Total number of races: 2

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