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The Club's Crews

May Term 2024

This page shows First & Third's most recent official crews - either those rowing currently or last term's boats if no announcements have been made yet this term. For the higher boats there is usually competition to win the last two or three seats, often requiring a long period of careful crew selection based on fitness and technique.

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowMorgan Billings
2Ben Vyshedskiy
3Thomas Frith
4Elnoy Greenenko
5Csongor Beke
6Angus Callan-Smith
7Isaac Brown
strDaniel Edwards-Classics
coxIsabella Fiske Harrison
1st women's VIII
in Queen Elizabeth I
bowAnne Schreuder
2Hajna Williams
3Zara Bek
4Lizzie Reed
5Philippa Stokes
6Selene Corran
7Polly Shorrock
strSophie Harper
coxAlexander Watson
2nd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowGeorge Moger-Taylor
2Toby Collins
3Andrew Farquharson
4Thomas Gaertner
5Bogdan Zviazhynski
6Luke Barratt
7Andrey Karailiev
strKrisztian Hunter
coxNithyani Anandakugan
2nd women's VIII
in Amanda
bowEllen Forsman
2Amy Freeman
3Kasia Kobalczyk
4Dido Coley
5Charlotte Fischer
6Julia Roberts
7Qingyue Zhang
strRosie Baish
coxBao Tao
3rd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowBrian Chen
2Tudor Lazar
3Zach Foster
4Toby Ng
5Ralph McDougall
6Bálint Tóth
7Daniel Edwards-Medic
strRuward Mulder
coxKim Ngan Luu Hoang (SCCBC)
3rd women's VIII
in Valkyrie
bowDaisy Stewart-Henderson
2Jiahui Yu
3Phoebe Bintoro
4Sylvia Ma
5Meng Yuan
6Lily Zhao
7Lily Kearney
strHermione Boyle
coxChiara Dello (QCBC)

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