The Club's Committee

How the Club is Run

The running of the club is divided in to a number of distinct areas of responsibility. The Men's and Women's Captains arrange the coaching and training of the club's top crews (usually the 1st and 2nd men's and women's VIIIs), the Lower Boats' Captains organise the teaching of novices in Michaelmas Term and in Lent and May terms the club's other crews, and the Secretary performs a supporting role, organising race entries, boat club dinners and numerous other trivial or awkward items. There are various other officers responsible for specific areas - see the table below for the complete list.

To find out in more detail the roles of the various posts, see the club's constitution.

Committee Meetings

Minutes of recent committee meetings can be found here.

Contacting the Committee

Contact details of the committee's members are given below. The whole committee (including the Head Coach but excluding the Senior Treasurer) may be contacted via email at committee at

Officers of the Club

Women's and Overall Captain Megan Crane captain at
Men's Captain Dohun Lee menscaptain at
Secretary Kerem Ergene secretary at
Logistics Officer (Kit and Lard) Jonathan Williams logistics at
Women's Lower Boats Captains Bethany Ladd
Anna Laletina
Juliette Wrixon
Elle Wyatt
wlbcs at
Men's Lower Boats Captains Savannah Dixon
Charlie Solomons-Tuke
Matthew Walker
Peter Withers
mlbcs at
Coxing Captain Bianca Andrei coxingcaptain at
Social Secretaries Josh Hampson
Alan Sun
social at
Water Safety and Equipment Officer James Edgeley safety at
Alumni Relations Officer Peter Robinson alumni at
Computing Officer Chris Baish webmaster at
Development Officer (Postdocs, Gym and Talks) Rory McLaurin development at

Other Positions

First and Third Association President Tony Pooley
Senior Treasurer Dr Catherine Aiken seniortreasurer at
Head Coach and Boatman Mr Steve Harris coach at
01223 356589 (Boathouse)


All correspondence should be addressed to:

Megan Crane
First and Third Trinity Boat Club
Trinity College

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