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The Club's Crews

Lent Term 2005

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowDan Jane
2Andrew Lea-Cox
3Chris Mycroft
4M.D. Saba
5Daniel Holland
6Jacob Shepherd
7Tom Coker
strGraham Sills
coxAndy Wong
1st women's VIII
in Denys Lawrence
bowLilie Weaver
2Zoe Michlig
3Danielle Rhydderch
4Erica Thompson
5Jane Allison
6Catherine Aiken
7Amelia Russell
strPia Schaefer
coxJenny Lee
2nd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowTom Andrews
2Matthew Sargeant
3Sebastian Pancratz
4Brian Richardson
5Pedro Salgård Cunha
6Bryn Garrod
7James Scott
strAndrew Yu
coxMagnus Jones
2nd women's VIII
in Margot
bowHarriet Booker
2K.J. Birley
3Henriette Guthauser
4Sarah Hickey
5Mika Tomczak
6Clair Birbeck
7Tera Pruitt
strJenny Lee
coxR.P.C. Manns
3rd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowWojtek Koryczan
2Albert Cheung
3Fergus Simpson
4Fan Zhang
5Robert Patterson
6Phil Horler
7Mark Sankey
strDan Newton
coxHoney Duan
3rd women's VIII
in Peter Brandt
bowJ. Adeane
2J. Tudeau
3Claire Massen
4A. Shevtsova
5Leonora Bulbeck
6Amna Hadziabdic
7Amy Wu
strDamilola Dauda
coxPia Schaefer
4th men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowJack Gillett
2Henry Wood
3A.C.R. Bertram
4Will Dean
5James Tanner
6B.E. Thompson-Clarke
7Neil Copland
strC.S. Dunleavy
coxAlex Davies
4th Women's 'Mesdemoiselles' VIII
in Black Prince
bowJ.L. Gardner
2J. Karagianis
3Jenny Kay
4C. Violi
5Julie Woolford
6Elizabeth Kwiatkowska
7Ailanore Harper
strSarah Maidment
coxB. A. Kirmani
5th men's VIII
in Titan
bowP. Batten
2C.T. Malik
3P.C. Chen
4M.J. Conterio
5Tom Macura
6Paul Smith
7Richie Taylor
strA.J. Holyoake
coxRaphaëlle Burns
6th men's VIII
in Titan
bowPeter Cui
2Tomasz Mantyk
3A.N.S. Poole
4David Jackson
5Shuo Zou
6Yves Cormier
7Jeremy Reizenstein
strTudor Dimofte
coxRichard Bullock

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