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The Club's Crews

May Term 2002

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowJohn Earl
2J. W. Grundy
3Jonathan Glass
4Gordon Carver
5S. Case
6S. M. Knight
7Tom Rose
strNeil Talbott
coxS. E. Richards
1st women's VIII
in Denys Lawrence
bowK. L. Corder
2Anna McCreadie
3K. A. Warren
4Sarah Taylor
5J. M. J. Geary
6Isobel Hooper
7S. J. Cochrane
strSally Painter
coxAlex Lee
2nd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowDaniel Walker
2Maris Goldmanis
3Matthew Byrne
4Martin Peck
5Dan Jane
6H. W. Clouting
7Will Thorne
strJon Davies
coxSam Adams
in Margot
bowSarah Legrand
2Rebecca Palmer
3Vicki Rainsley
4Helen Adams
5Becca North
6J. M. Kumeta
7Catherine Aiken
strAmelia Russell
coxB. A. Kirmani
3rd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowMatt Chamberlain
2Paul Whiting
3A. R. E. Inch
4Grzegorz Milos
5Daniel Holland
6Robert Patterson
7Michael Simmonds
strEd Peacock
coxChris Pedder
3rd women's VIII
in Mary Tudor
coxDaniel Walker
4th men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowKeith Noble-Nesbitt
2Fan Zhang
3Jim Fields
4Andrew Cenko
5Mark Sankey
6Julien Cazorla
7Tom Bell
strAndrew Smith
coxJo Richardson
5th men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowD. Dean
4Huw Thomas
5M. D. Collins
6K. M. Evans
7H. J. Willans
strB. J. Coates
coxSarah Legrand
6th men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowTim Martin
2M. P. Stewart
3Tim Fell
5Ionut Lazar
6Simon Keighley
7Phillip Gales
strDan Bradley
coxAndy Wong
7th men's VIII
in Titan
2B. A. Kirmani
4Andy Wong
5James O'Connor
7Chris Pedder
strViktor Stein
coxThomas Koeppe
8th men's VIII
in Peter Brandt
2Nancy Ma
3J. R. Mackowiak
4D. K. Rosel
5P. M. Smye
7Cahir King
strD. J. Gammon
coxJon Davies

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