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Mich Term 2001

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowGuy Taylor
2Maris Goldmanis
3Dan Jane
4Martin Peck
5Rob Andrews
6H. W. Clouting
7Will Thorne
strJon Davies
coxAndrew Fisher
1st women's VIII
in Denys Lawrence
bowRebecca Palmer
2Lara Jamieson
3Anna McCreadie
4Vicki Rainsley
5Daisy Mollison
6Amelia Russell
7J. M. J. Geary
strSally Painter
coxChris Pedder
2nd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowIain Edwards
2Michael Simmonds
3Matthew Byrne
4Julien Cazorla
5Mark Sankey
6Robert Patterson
7Daniel Walker
strNigel Chan
coxSam Adams
1st men's novice VIII
in Black Prince
bowH. J. Willans
2M. D. Collins
3A. C. W. Jamieson
4H. S. Colvin
5Matt Chamberlain
6D. J. Gill
7B. J. Coates
strViktor Stein
coxN. C. Wiseman
1st women's novice VIII
in Margot
bowHelen Adams
2H. E. Barry
3Tina Morrell
4F. McFerran
5R. L. Compton
6K. A. Warren
7J. M. Kumeta
strO. I. Poole-Wilson
coxCaroline Reed
2nd men's novice VIII
in Black Prince
bowD. Dean
2Ed Peacock
3Chris Pedder
4Andrew Cenko
5Jim Fields
6Huw Thomas
7Joe Barker
strGrzegorz Milos
coxB. A. Kirmani
2nd women's novice VIII
in Mary Tudor
bowH. M. E. Dray
2Caroline Williams
3Jainisha Amin
4Isobel Hooper
5Verena Boegelein
6C. L. French
7J. M. Griffiths
strE. M. Chappell
coxAnjali Vaishnavi
3rd men's novice VIII
in Black Prince
bowKeith Noble-Nesbitt
2B. A. Kirmani
3R. S. Sandhu
4Fan Zhang
5Yves Cormier
6A. R. D. Mathy
7A. W-Y. Hon
strJoe Barker
coxC. J. Trevail
4th men's novice VIII
in Black Prince
bowB. Friedrich
2J. W. L. Hind
3A. K. Lal
4M. P. Stewart
5N. J. Roberts
6P. W. Konopka
7M. S. Kment
strD. M. Lamy
coxThomas Koeppe
Light IV
in Mary Gwyneth
bow (steers)Will Thorne
2Jonathan Glass
3Martin Peck
strRob Andrews
1st men's IV
in Michael Longford
bowGuy Taylor
2Jon Davies
3Dan Jane
strH. W. Clouting
coxA. Amouyel
1st women's IV
in Sirens
bowCatherine Aiken
2J. M. J. Geary
3Daisy Mollison
strSally Painter
coxSarah Legrand
2nd men's IV
in Scylla
bowMatthew Byrne
2Julien Cazorla
3Daniel Walker
strMaris Goldmanis
coxJessie Zhang
2nd women's IV
in Charybdis
bowBecca North
2Anna McCreadie
3Vicki Rainsley
strAmelia Russell
coxAndy Wong
3rd men's IV
in Charybdis
bowIain Edwards
2Michael Simmonds
3Mark Sankey
strRobert Patterson
coxSam Adams

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