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The Club's Crews

Mich Term 2005

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowDan Jane
2Grzegorz Milos
3Phil Horler
4Jacob Shepherd
5James Scott
6Tom Coker
7Pedro Salgård Cunha
strT.B.M. Garnett
coxRachel Munro
1st women's VIII
in Denys Lawrence
bowSarah Hickey
2Jane Allison
3Jenna Farthing
4Danielle Rhydderch
5Erica Thompson
6Pia Schaefer
7Catherine Aiken
strAmelia Russell
coxAileen Dennis
2nd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowSam Zhang
2Robert Patterson
3Igor Ostrowski
4C.S. Dunleavy
5J.A. Petkovic
6Graham Sills
7Bryn Garrod
strJames Pelly
coxDamilola Dauda
2nd women's VIII
in Margot
bowKelly Agathos
2J. Tudeau
3Leonora Bulbeck
4Amna Hadziabdic
5Harriet Booker
6K.J. Birley
7Sarah Hickey
strClair Birbeck
1st men's novice VIII
in Black Prince
bowMagnus Jones
2J. Donaleski
3Richard King
4Alexander Chudik
5Martin Dienstbier
6Henrik Latter
7Mike Jenkinson
strM.S.J. Dziedziniewicz
coxAmelia Russell
1st women's novice VIII
in Peter Brandt
bowRachel Frigot
2Lynsey Porter
3Sorcha McGinn
4Joanna Heath
5Amy Hewer
6Hannah Jackson
7Zoe Pople
strFrancesca Rawlins
coxDominic Hockley
2nd men's novice VIII
in Richard Church
bowAndrei Matache
2Paul Jefferys
3Charles Franklin
4Andrew Sugden
5Harry Braviner
6Charles Vial
7P.A. Liebenow
strMartin Yarr
coxNadira Huda
2nd women's novice VIII
in Titan
bowZ. Zhou
2H.J. Cobbett
3Clare Harrisson
4Sheena Jethwa
5Claire Butcher
6Heather Brown
7N.P. Koerner
strRebecca Lancelot
coxJan Stejskal
3rd men's novice VIII
in Richard Church
bowJ.D. Tyler
2Giles Merchiston
3Laurence Carr
4Maciej Tomasz Hermanowicz
5David Twigg
6Owain Davies
7Will Laffan
strT.P. McClure
coxEmma Salgård Cunha
3rd women's novice VIII
in Peter Brandt
bowRachel Munro
2Nadira Huda
3A. Mehonic
4I. Fabry
5Sarah Stoneman
6B. Zheng
7Nicola Henshall
strA.B. Anyimadu
coxA.J.C. Simons
4th men's novice VIII
in Titan
bowAdam Blacklay
2Andrew Crosby
3O.B.M. Jones
4Yan Campagnolo
5M.R. Thompson
6Jonathan Cairns
7Andy Davies
strC.A. Pearson
coxR.R. Fenn
5th men's novice VIII
in Titan
bowK.K. Dabrowski
2X-H.I. Yan
3D. Rubin
4Y. Ibrahim-Zai
5A.K. Jain
6K. Sabherwal
7M.H. Dehabadi
strNathan Kettle
coxF.J.C. Knox
The Light IV
in Michael Proctor
bow (steers)Dan Jane
2Tom Coker
3Pedro Salgård Cunha
strT.B.M. Garnett
1st men's IV
in The Prince of Wales
bowFlorian Gruessing
2Jacob Shepherd
3James Scott
strJames Pelly
coxRachel Munro
1st women's IV
in Sirens
bowCatherine Aiken
2Pia Schaefer
3Erica Thompson
strAmelia Russell
coxMagnus Jones
2nd men's IV
in Michael Longford
bowIgor Ostrowski
2C.S. Dunleavy
3Phil Horler
strGrzegorz Milos
coxDamilola Dauda
2nd women's IV
in Scylla
bowJane Allison
2Danielle Rhydderch
3Jenna Farthing
strJo Sampson
3rd men's IV
in Scylla
bowSam Zhang
2Martin Watton
3J.A. Petkovic
strBrian Richardson
coxHoney Duan
4th Women's IV
in Scylla
bowKelly Agathos
2J. Tudeau
3Leonora Bulbeck
strAmna Hadziabdic

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