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The Club's Crews

May Term 2009

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowJohn Kiely
2Florian Gruessing
3Thomas O'Neill
4Philipp Preiss
5Alexander Kasas
6Miles Galloway
7Tom Coker
strRichard Fletcher
coxNatasha Menell
1st women's VIII
in Valkyrie
bowRachel Overington
2Julijana Gjorgjieva
3Laura Campo
4Charlotte Squires-Parkin
5Rachel Croft
6Anne Hempel
7Ulrike Bauer
strJulia Robson
coxMark McKelvie
2nd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowJonathan Main
2Pedro Salgård Cunha
3Justus Kebschull
4Paul Masset
5Hannes Malmberg
6Thomas McTiernan
7Peter Ford
strGonzalo Garcia
coxHans Liu
2nd women's VIII
in Denys Lawrence
bowJulia Attwood
2Alex Caulfield
3Amy Koh
4Fiona Davies
5Katherine Poseidon
6Kirsty Syder
7Julie Woolford
strSonya Milanova
coxDanny McMillan
The Gents
in Black Prince
bowStephan Christian Mertes
2Charles Vial
3Bryn Garrod
4Martin Dienstbier
5James Strawson
6C.S. Dunleavy
7Laurence Carr
strGrzegorz Milos
coxSarah Stoneman
The Grad VIII - "The White Cow"
in Peter Brandt
bowEleanor von-Aderkas
2D. Donaldson
3A.M. Cottle
4Raphaële Garrod
5J. Tudeau
6T.A. Brown
7A.Y.Q. Zhang
strBarbara Ferreira
coxEmma Salgård Cunha
4th men's VIII
in Richard Church
bowGeorg Meisl
2Jij Chow
3Richard Sworder
4Jack Shotton
5Jeffrey Li
6Aaron Outhwaite
7Thomas Price
strAllen Pope
coxTom Lovering
5th men's VIII
in Richard Church
bowDalimil Mazac
2Niels-Jakob Hansen
3Jacob Day
4Alex Wood
5Alexander Dear
6Jan Prusa
7Benson Joeris
strHoward Loh
coxEmma Smith
6th men's VIII
in Titan
bowMatt Phillips
2Sunith De-Fonseka
3Peng Zhao
4Kelvin Lee
5M.F. Hoegner
6Chen Yao
7G.Y. Chan
strMikkel Gladhaug
coxIlya Vilenskiy

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