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Mich Term 2009

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowPeter Ford
2Allen Pope
3Matthew Griffiths
4Peter Leach
5Miles Galloway
6Thomas McTiernan
7Richard Fletcher
strGonzalo Garcia
coxEmma Salgård Cunha
1st women's VIII
in Valkyrie
bowRachel Overington
2Hannah Roberts
3Raphaële Garrod
4Julia Attwood
5Katherine Poseidon
6Julijana Gjorgjieva
7Ulrike Bauer
strElizabeth Hill
coxRichard Sworder
2nd men's VIII
bowPreeyan Parmar
2Jack Shotton
3Hannes Malmberg
4Dale Swartz
5Paul Masset
6Aaron Outhwaite
7Jeffrey Li
strSimon Smart
coxEmma Smith
1st men's novice VIII
in Richard Church
bowJosh Mills
2Vlad Paraoan
3M.J. Przykucki
4Alexey Morgunov
5M.A. Hirschberger
6James Harmsworth King
7Ben Gordon
strOrian Welling
coxAlex Caulfield
2nd men's novice VIII
in Titan
bowBen Weisz
2Yimin Ge
3Ludwig Straub
4D.R.R. Roberts
5James Smith
6Arthur Stril
7Vladimir V Konstantinov
strMark McKelvie
coxKatie Lam
3rd men's novice VIII
in Richard Church
bowAlec Gibson
2Tim Hennock
3C.R. Drummond
4A. Schoech
5F.H. Feilden
6Sean Moss
7Sam Jackson
strG.S.D. Gordon
4th men's novice VIII
in Titan
bowJohn Kwan
3Joseph Briggs
4Laurence Tonna
5Christopher Elsby
6Craig Newbold
7Luke Fisher
strG. Kotecha
BPBC 1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowWill Laffan
2Neil Talbott
3Bryn Garrod
4Pedro Salgård Cunha
5Jonathan Glass
6Jon Davies
7Dan Darley
strStephen Robson
coxRebecca Dowbiggin
BPBC 2nd men's VIII
bowJohn Earl
2Daniel Walker
3Rich Dewire
4Matthew Byrne
5Rob Withers
6S. M. Knight
7Daniel Holland
strPhil Horler
coxAndy Wong
1st men's IV
in The Prince of Wales
bowMiles Galloway
2Thomas McTiernan
3Richard Fletcher
strGonzalo Garcia
coxNatasha Menell
2nd men's IV
in Michael Longford
bowPeter Ford
2Allen Pope
3Matthew Griffiths
strPeter Leach
coxEmma Salgård Cunha
BPBC 1st men's IV
bowWill Laffan
2Jon Davies
3Dan Darley
strStephen Robson
coxSonya Milanova

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