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About the Club

Club Facilities

The boathouse
First and Third boathouse - view larger picture here

The Boathouse

The club's boathouse is one of the most spacious and comfortable on the river. The large main room has plenty of room for eight ergometers and sliders, as well as large patio doors on to a balcony and a carpetted area with comfortable chairs, with a tv for reviewing performance or for entertainment whilst training.

There is a separate Crew Room for away from noise and distractions. The 'weights-room' is now used mainly as a second Crew Room, with actual weights training taking place in the College Gym.

Other facilities include:

The main room
The main room

The postal address of the boathouse is First and Third Trinity Boat House, Kimberley Road, Cambridge, CB4 1HJ.

The weights room
The weights room

Training Equipment

  • A total of eight Concept II ergs (four model Cs and four model Ds)
  • Concept II sliders
  • large training mirrors
  • Dorsal raise machine
  • Abs workout frame

Boat storage

The club's coxed IVs
Coxed fours on their racks

We rent some space to Homerton College's boat club. The boathouse therefore accommodates some thirteen VIIIs, five IVs, three or four pairs, and many sculling boats, many owned by local Cambridge residents or other boat clubs. For a full list of the Club's boats, click here.

The club also owns a trailer, bought in 1997, which we make good use of in travelling to regattas outside Cambridge, often taking boats belonging to other colleges too.

The club's VIIIs
The Club's VIIIs

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