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Club Traditions: The 2nd VIII Song

Perhaps one of our finest club traditions, if not the most long standing, is that of the 2nd May VIII composing a little ditty to be performed at the Mays Dinner! Every one of these melodic masterpieces is preserved for posterity - until 2006, fortunately not as audio files.

Note that some of the lyrics have been modified slightly to ensure suitability for all audiences. To view the original explicit versions, please log in as a First and Third member.

The beginning, an introduction to the tradition, by Justin Sawon.

The Club's Crews

Year 2017

bowDohun Lee2Tom Wilson
3Edward Erelt4Aaron Lewis
5Alexander Dear6Robert Shearme
7Matthew GriffithsstrJiri Kucera

Coxed by: Rachel Grewcock

Results: Up 1 - Bumped Clare II and Darwin, bumped by Sidney Sussex

The Song: Let Us Row

Year 2016

bowPetr Dolezal2Marcus Roberts
3Christopher Elsby4Ben Jarman
5Peter Lau6Matthew Crowe
7Forbes AndersonstrJonathan Williams

Coxed by: Emily Gordon

Results: Down 3 - Bumped by Downing II, Corpus and Clare II

The Song: Hold It Up Buttercup

Year 2015

bowNeil Ibata2Matt Crouch
3Connor Mui4Ed Bryant
5John Grenfell-Shaw6Tom King
7Jake RowestrBarney Plummer

Coxed by: Liv Godwin

Results: Up 1 - Bumped Christ's II and Downing II, bumped by Wolfson

The Song: Do You See The Second Eight?

Year 2014

bowJohn Grenfell-Shaw2William Gao
3Declan Gorey4Rob Stroud
5S-F. Dumitru6Matt Crouch
7Alex StrangestrSteven Evans

Coxed by: Seema Syeda

Results: Down 3 - Bumped by Jesus II, Hughes Hall and Darwin

The Song: We Will Bump You

Year 2013

bowBlaise Sturley2Simon Smart
3John Grenfell-Shaw4Matt Crouch
5Sean Collins6Steven Evans
7Peter FordstrJonathan Williams

Coxed by: Nick Wright

Results: Down 4 - Bumped by LMBC II, Caius II, St. Edmund's and Christ's II

The crew varied between days: the 7 seat was occupied by Peter Ford (W/S), Richard Fletcher (T), and Tae-Joon Cho (F); the stroke was either Jonathan Williams (W/F/S), or Peter Ford (T); and the cox was Nick Wright (W) or Alex Manion (T/F/S). Fletcher, Cho and Wright were not at the dinner, so did not sing the song.

The Song: Rowing on a Prayer

Year 2012

bowJosh Mills2Steven Evans
3James Scott-Brown4Sam Jackson
5Steven Karp6Simon Smart
7Tae-Joon ChostrPeter Rowley

Coxed by: Ellie Collins

Results: Down 4 - Bumped by Girton, Homerton, Peterhouse and Selwyn

The Song: We're Rowing Home

Year 2011

bowAaron Outhwaite2Jacob Day
3Tae-Joon Cho4Yimin Ge
5Alex Barrell6Thomas O'Neill
7Simon SmartstrGonzalo Garcia

Coxed by: Penelope Jenkins

Results: Down 4 - Bumped by Christ's, Churchill, Robinson and Downing II

The Song: To the tune of Don't Stop Believing. (Jenkins, Garcia, Smart, O'Neill, Barrel, Ge, Cho, Day, Outhwaite)

Year 2010

bowAaron Outhwaite2Andrew Lewis
3Paul Masset4C.S. Dunleavy
5Hannes Malmberg6Gonzalo Garcia
7Peter LeachstrPhilipp Preiss

Coxed by: Emma Smith

Results: Stayed level - Bumped Churchill, bumped by King's

The Song: Last Night of the Bumps (Outhwaite, Malmberg)

Year 2009

bowJonathan Main2Pedro Salgård Cunha
3Justus Kebschull4Paul Masset
5Hannes Malmberg6Thomas McTiernan
7Peter FordstrGonzalo Garcia

Coxed by: Hans Liu

Year 2009 second VIII

Results: Down 1 - Bumped by Magdalene

Retained the 2nd VIII headship

The Song: The Winner Takes It All

Year 2008

bowWill Laffan2Peter Ford
3Tom Andrews4Albert Cheung
5Dan Jane6Grzegorz Milos
7Sebastian PancratzstrTom Coker

Coxed by: Emma Salgård Cunha

Year 2008 second VIII

Results: Stayed level - Bumped Robinson, bumped by Fitzwilliam

The Song: Yellow submarine

Year 2007

bowStephan Christian Mertes2John Kiely
3Robert Patterson4Martin Yarr
5Sam Lings6Philipp Preiss
7Laurence CarrstrAndrew Lewis

Coxed by: Lilie Weaver

Year 2007 second VIII

Results: Up 3 - Bumped Caius II, Magdalene and Christ's

Gained the 2nd VIII headship, occupying the highest position since 1959

The Song: We will rise (Carr/Kiely/Lewis/Lings/Mertes/Patterson/Preiss/Weaver/Yarr)

Year 2006

bowTom Andrews2C.S. Dunleavy
3Robert Patterson4Henrik Latter
5Will Laffan6Grzegorz Milos
7Sebastian PancratzstrAlbert Cheung

Coxed by: Jenny Lee

Year 2006 second VIII

Results: Stayed level - Bumped Selwyn, bumped by Caius II

Retained 1st division status

The Song: Eight men (Dunleavy)

Year 2005

bowTom Andrews2Richard Bullock
3John Earl4Albert Cheung
5Sebastian Pancratz6H. S. Colvin
7Rob AndrewsstrGraham Sills

Coxed by: Andy Wong

Year 2005 second VIII

Results: Up 2 - Bumped Caius II and Peterhouse

Bumped into the 1st division and gained the 2nd VIII headship.

The Song: Help! (Andrews)

Year 2004

bowMark Sankey2Tom Coker
3Chris Mycroft4Matthew Byrne
5Bryn Garrod6Dan Newton
7Daniel WalkerstrWill Thorne

Coxed by: Jenny Lee

Year 2004 second VIII

Results: Up 2 - Bumped Downing II and Fitzwilliam

The Song: We Are the Second May VIII (Byrne/Walker)

Year 2003

bowMark Sankey2Tim Martin
3Tom Coker4Robert Patterson
5Graham Sills6Matthew Byrne
7Matt ChamberlainstrWill Thorne

Coxed by: Rachel Munro

Year 2003 second VIII

Results: Up 1 - Bumped Emmanuel II and Sidney Sussex, bumped by Peterhouse

The Song: Boat of Legends (Coker/Byrne/Sills/Thorne)

Year 2002

bowDaniel Walker2Maris Goldmanis
3Matthew Byrne4Martin Peck
5Dan Jane6H. W. Clouting
7Will ThornestrJon Davies

Coxed by: Sam Adams

Year 2002 second VIII

Results: Up 4 - Bumped Jesus II, LMBC II, Girton and Peterhouse


The Song: Second VIII - Go-Go!! (Peck/Walker)

Year 2001

bowM. A. Watson2Julien Cazorla
3A. R. E. Inch4H. W. Clouting
5Daniel Walker6Jon Davies
7James RoslingtonstrJohn Mountain

Coxed by: Chris Harding

Year 2001 second VIII

Results: Down 6 - Bumped by Sidney Sussex, Emmanuel II, Caius II and Jesus II

The Song: Second VIII Rhapsody (Inch/Mountain/Walker)

Year 2000

bowA. D. Scott2Guy Taylor
3Adrian Bevan4James Roslington
5Andy Somers6Will Fletcher
7Neil TalbottstrJohn Were

Coxed by: Ros Liu

Year 2000 second VIII

Results: Down 3 - Bumped by Clare, Selwyn and Downing II

The Song: Maybe we're just a boat of perfectionists (Taylor/Fletcher)

Year 1999

bowDennis Remoundos2Graham Fisher
3Simon Blackburn4Mike Goodson
5Rob Sherrington6Martin Peck
7Chris IngramstrS. Case

Coxed by: Kate MacGregor

Year 1999 second VIII

Results: Up 3 - Bumped LMBC II, Clare and Sidney Sussex

Bumped into the 1st division and gained the 2nd VIII headship.

The Song: Cover our spoons (Blackburn/Fisher/Reilly)

Year 1998

bowChris Ingram2Martin Peck
3L. O. Robinson4Rich Dewire
5Dominic Beary6Andy Pickard
7Rob SherringtonstrJon Bevan

Coxed by: Raf Carbonell

Year 1998 second VIII

Results: Up 3 - Bumped Girton, Selwyn and Downing II

The Song: I vow to thee my Boat Club (Pickard)

Year 1997

bowMike Orger2Paul Hacking
3Andy Pickard4Matt Wallard
5Andy Stewart6Rich Dewire
7Justin SawonstrClive Ponsonby

Coxed by: Antony Mason

Year 1997 second VIII

Results: Up 4 - Bumped King's, Jesus II, Corpus and Queens' II


The Song: Row Hard (Sawon/Mason)

'97 to '99 Pictures courtesy of JET photographic

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