2nd May VIII Song 2011

To the tune of Don't Stop Believing. (Jenkins, Garcia, Smart, O'Neill, Barrel, Ge, Cho, Day, Outhwaite)

To the tune of Don't Stop Believing (Journey)

Just a second eight,
Starting in the first division,
We took out Janousek,
Up and down the reach.

Just a bunch of tools,
Rowing for First and Third,
We took our bendy oars,
Up and down the reach.

A ginger on a rusty bike,
Teamed up with the boat club's mother,
Together they can share the load,
Of moaning on and on and on and on at:

Simon, waiting, for Gonzalo's catch to go in,
O'Neill, searching for some length.
Barrel, confused, just stops rowing half way through,
Bow four, somewhere behind.

Working hard to hit the rate,
Everybody wants good cover.
People rushing up and down the slide,
Leaves us out of time.
Some may blade, some may spoon,
Some weren't made as lightweight blues.
Oh selection never ends,
It goes on and on and on and on for:

Yimin, wrenching, with his shoulders, now he's fixed it
TJ so stacked in at three,
Jacob, can't hear, anything Penelope says,
Aaron, Pissed off in the bows.

Please stop your splashing,
We're wetter than Preeyan Parmar,
And he fell into the lake!

Look where you're going,
Are these sailing boats a problem?
Yes hold it up!

Please stop your quiching,
You're as bad as Paul Masset,
J'aime le pastry!

Please get a haircut,
Look what it did for Barrell,
Chris Elsby!

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