2nd May VIII Song 2017

Let Us Row

To the tune of Let It Go from Frozen by Disney

The crew grows nervous on the startline today
Not a slow boat to be seen
In the second men's division
And it looks we're fifteen
The messageboards don't back us, well
nor does Fordy
Couldn't keep it calm
Fordy knows we've tried
Don't let Clare in
Don't let them win
Be the strong crew you always have to be
Relax, don't rush
Here comes the run
Well now the gun
Let us row, let us row
Can't swing back anymore
Let us row, let us row
Spin the hands and slam the oar
We don't care
What we're going to rate
Let the timing go
Rhythm never bothered us anyway

It's funny how some distance
Makes every crew seem small
And the crews that used to beat us
Can't get to us at all (except Sidney)
It's time to see what we can do
To test the limits and break sterns
No quiche, no leash, no subs for us,
Wait Chris!
Let us row, let us row
We aren't one even in the drive
Let us row, let us row
You'll never see us stride
Here we'll row
And here we'll stay
Let the days race on

Our power flurries through the air into Clare 2
Darwin is spiralling down so we'll bump them just as well
And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast
Asking who was in our crew, Chris is in M1
Let us row, let us row
And we'll rise with the help of Griffter
Let us row, let us row
The perfect streak is gone
Thank you Downing
And to Sidney too
Just wait till next year's Mays
Rhythm never bothered us anyway

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