2nd May VIII Song 2010

Last Night of the Bumps (Outhwaite, Malmberg)

To the tune of Jerusalem.

And did those men in recent times,
Row upon Cambridge waters brown?
And was their boat, the Black Prince
By Masset's epic splashing drowned?

But in the term of Lent they were,
Beset by troubles and by strife.
And did M2 have twenty men,
Who couldn't row to save their life?

Bring me my boat of darkest black,
Bring me my blade of navy blue,
Bring me the speed to make the bump,
Bring me the strength to row on through.

I shall not cease from mental fight,
Nor shall my oar sleep in my hand,
Till we have built our First and Third,
On Cambridge waters and its land.

Key change/ drunken interlude. To the tune of Land of Hope and Glory:

Boat of Hope and Glory,
Crew of blistering speed.
Christ's could not catch us,
Churchill failed to concede.

Higher still and higher,
Shall we wind the start,
Even if it means that,
Our Janny falls apart.

Phill is very German,
Aaron is a bit crap,
Leachy can't get his catch in,
Gonzo's got the clap.

Emma is so tiny,
Hannes is so big
Andy needs to erg more,
Dunders needs a wig.

Boat of Hope and Glory,
Crew of blistering speed!

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