2nd May VIII Song 2004

We Are the Second May VIII (Byrne/Walker)

To the tune of I am the One and Only (Chesney Hawkes). The midi backing track used on the night, edited by Mr Byrne, is also available

We are the one and only...

Jenny, don't call us by our names,
Call us by our numbers.
Will's job is stroking,
Cos we just know he won't respond to coaching
And so we train and try to forget
How we used to row
And cos our coach knows best
We now row faster than the rest.

We are the Second May VIII,
Dragging Byrne down the Reach.
The six man loves his posing,
But he trained all term in the Karlisch

We're a big player on the Cam scene
With our excessive back lean.
Amongst those splashes
We can't seem to take our catches.
Stroke rows, while seven bitches,
Mycroft's jokes had Tom in stitches,
But as hard, as hard as bowside tried,
We still took first post corner wide.

We are the Second May VIII.
Firm pressure for every piece,
We wind - don't bother striding
And make the First VIII look like quiche.

And though we spacked around a lot
Upon our squeaky sliders
We always knew that we'd be fine
With Iain's notes to guide us.
No-one can sit at 5 like Bryn can,
For that job he's the best man.
The girls all think he's fit
But we all know he rows quite...sh-ort.

We are the Second May VIII.
Mark's got cow pat on his bum
But we would rather row for...
Oxford than the Maggie scum.

We are the Second May VIII,
Up two in 2 to two.
We are the Second May VIII.
Caius II we're gonna get you too!

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