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2nd May VIII Song 2001

Second VIII Rhapsody (Inch/Mountain/Walker)

To the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen). The midi backing track used on the night, a classic, is also available.

Is this our real life?
Was it our fantasy?
Carefully laid race plans
Now torn up in tragedy.

Open your eyes,
Don't rush up the slide,
And breathe.

We?re just the second VIII
We need your sympathy.
Because we're rarely quick, often slow
Catches high, erg times slow

Anyway the stream flows,
We're the second May Boat
You see

Big Jon, knocked on my door,
Said he was pretty sure
That this boat could win an oar.
Bugger, had planned on a First
But now I've gone and rowed it all away.

Bugger, oooh. Clouting's pulled again ?
If he's not back again this time tomorrow
Find a sub, find a sub.
Cos he'll just be really knackered.

Bedford ? our test had come.
Sent shivers down our spines.
Spacked and splashed across the line.
Next chance, in the Nines,
We were left behind ?
Were down and out before we'd done the wind.

Bugger, oooh,
We know we're not that good,
But we'd rather row for Oxford than St. Johns.


I see a little silhouetto of a boat
Row away! Row away!
This is Sidney over bumping...
Sidney move like lightning!
Very very frightening ? Bump!

Catch in limbo
Slide in turbo
Catch in limbo
Slide in turbo
Why the hell can we not row, magnificoooo?

New plan for day 2: had our sights on Maggie
We wound to 40, but Emma wound to 50
We wound and we splashed and we spacked and then Bump!

Little cox, learn to row,
Will he ever go?
Quichemilla! No!
We will not let you row
Let me row
We will not let you row
Let me row
We will not let you row
Let me row
We will not let you row
Let me row
We will not let you row
Let me roooooow...

Row! Row! Row! Row! Row! Row!

Bumped on day 3, then came day 4 -
Mama mia where's our stroke?
Then Jesus II had a final bump in store for us,
Arse, arse.

So you think you can bump us and leave us to die?
Next year we'll be back with new fire in our eyes
Yeah baby!
No-one beats us twice baby
We'll rise again
Cos First and Third boats ain't for quitting.

These Bumps don't really matter
We hope you'll all agree
Although we rowed like spackers,
We're still the second May Boat
You see.

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