2nd May VIII Song 2005

Help! (Andrews)

To the tune of Help! (The Beatles). The midi backing track used on the night, edited by Mr Bullock, is also available.

Help - We need somebody
Help - Not just anybody
Help - You know we need someone

When we were younger, so much younger than today,
We rowed in second eights that were never quite as gay
But now those days are gone
And second eights seem so poor
Now we find we've changed our mind
We're gonna row once more

Help us if you can, we're going down
And we would appreciate that subs be found
Help us get our feet back on the ground.
Won't you please, please help us.

And now our crew has changed in oh so many ways
Holy shit! Bumps begins in not so many days.
Come the first day we felt so insecure
Why are we doing this?
We're gonna go down 4!

Help us if you can, we're going down
And there's no sort of rhythm to be found
There's no corner we can get around
Won't you please, please help us.

So now we're rowing - we're really gonna pay
No distance calls by Ditton, they must have got away
But suddenly the whistles come
We're far more self assured
Overlap by Morley's Holt
But we can do no more.

Help Caius if you can, they're going down
Next time we're gonna grind them to the ground
We know we're gonna get them by the Plough
Gonna get Caius, Caius surely!

So our new race plan - we're gonna raise the rate
We're gonna row them down at more than 28.
That was quick. Here we are
Who'd have guessed Caius were so poor.
Then Peterhouse Petered-out
And opened M1's door.

We can't understand, we've not gone down
And we're the highest 2nd VIII around
Just ima-a-a-agine if we'd wound,
Next stop Hen-ley, Henley, Henley, Henley-ey-ey-eyyyyyyyyyy.

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