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2nd May VIII Song 1998

I vow to thee my Boat Club (Pickard)

Rowing Over

To the tune of I vow to thee, my country, by Thaxted.

I vow to thee my Boat Club,
we'll bump up in Karlische.
And we'll pull our blades
and row like Gods,
and never ever quiche.
Our victory is certain,
it is written down in fate,
but if we need more speed then
we'll simply up the rate.
I vow to thee my Boat Club,
all earthly things below.
Entire, and whole and perfect,
the greatest club I know.

And there's another Boat Club
I've heard of long ago.
But her numbers seemed to dwindle,
with noone left to row.
They faded from existence,
and fled into the night,
but the other two clubs joined,
combining their might.
And they forged a lasting legacy,
the greatest I have heard.
And the name is one of majesty,
the glorious First and Third.

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