2nd May VIII Song 2009

The Winner Takes It All

To the tune of The Winner Takes It All (ABBA).

I don't wanna talk,
About the things we've gone through,
We've rowed with Dunleavy,
When he's been angry.
I've rowed really hard,
But we're still not moving,
Nothing more to say,
Let's put the boat away.

The boat club takes us all,
Though Fordy is so small,
A skinny guy at three,
That's our destiny.

I rowed in M2,
Thinking I belonged there,
We rowed with confidence,
But went down 2 in the Lents,
Then came Kingston head,
Thinking we'd row well there,
But no-one was that keen,
And Sonya caused a scene,
The coaches give advice,
Why can't they just be nice,
Instead of swearing in my ear,
"take it up a gear!"

The boat club takes us all,
Though Pedro is so tall,
He's got a real slow erg,
Still rows for first and third.

But tell me do we row,
As badly as we rowed then,
It would be a shame,
If we'd trained in vain,
Somewhere on the slide,
Someone might be rushing,
But what can I say,
We're rowing with Masset,
The judges will decide,
If we've taken grassy wide,
Spectators think we're slow,
What the fuck do they know?

The game is on again,
Gonzalo's little friend,
A big thing or a small,
Lucy Masters takes them all.

I apologize,
If it makes you feel sad,
That Jon Timms isn't here
He's soon to be a dad

But you see,
Lucy Masters takes them all,
The tally's on the wall,
It's not a victory,
Please stay away from me...

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