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2nd May VIII Song 2003

Boat of Legends (Coker/Byrne/Sills/Thorne)

To the tune of Common People (Pulp). The midi backing track used on the night, edited by Mr Byrne, is also available.

She did the Nines,
That's where we won our first plate.
She was coxing for the Second May VIII, That's when Bumps
Caught her eye.
She told us that her Dad was loaded,
Will said <Will:> "shut up and call a push for 10,"
So she did.
And then in 30 seconds time she said,

I want to be in a boat of legends,
I want to end up rating forty-two,
I want to cox this boat of legends,
I want to shout at rowing legends like you,
What else could I do?
Said <Rachel & Mark:> "Now push for Emma II."

We took them to the railway bridge.
I don't know why,
But we had to bump them somewhere;
But we couldn't bump there.
She said Six pretend you've got some power,
But he just laughed,
And said <Matt:> "Oh you're so funny."
She said Yeah.
<Rachel:> "Well I can't see anyone else quiching in here."

She said you want to up the rating,
You want to lift it up now, from me,
You can see Peterhouse approaching,
You want to hold them off, rating fifty-three?"
But we didn't understand,
We just spacked and spun our hands.

Next day, Wolfson were chasing,
We taught them about racing,
Overlapped round ditton corner,
You aint getting any warmer,
And still you'll never get it right,
'Cos when you're laid in bed at night,
Watching maggie's close bow ball,
If you caught a crab, you could stop it all,
Yeah !

We'll never pull like Henry Clouting,
We'll never pull whoever Henry Clouting pulls.
We'll never blow up like Wolfson do,
They'll just watch our stern slide out of view,
And row back home with shame,
'Cos theres no-one else to blame.

Day three was bump or be bumped,
On the start line feeling pumped,
Spacked for England on the wind,
Maggie closing fast behind.
But then we start to get it right,
Taking grassy really tight,
Watching maggie's fading bow,
Then we called a push, bumping at the plough,
Yeah !

We'll never pull like Iain Edwards,
<to Rachel:> We'll never pull whoever Iain Edwards pulls.
We'll never miss like maggie two,
We'll never watch our blades slide out of view,
We rowed back home with pride,
'Cos maggie's blades' denied.

Sing along with the Second May VIII,
We'd rather be at Oxford than St. Johns !
Laugh along at the Disney May VIII,
Laugh along, because we bumped them too,
And we showed them what to do,
Because we're considerably harder than yow !

Chased by LMBC II into Grassy

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