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2nd May VIII Song 1997

Row Hard (Sawon/Mason)

To the theme of "Rawhide". The original inspiration is here in wav format. Note that the wav file has a rather longer verse section - but does end with the chorus bit.

Rowin', rowin', rowin',
Keep them hands a flowin',
Get that boat a movin' ... row-hard!
When in wild weather,
Keep them hands a feathered,
Drop them blades in early and row-hard.


(Bow side) (Stroke side) (Everyone)
Draw it up, tap it out,
Square it up, drop it in,
Pull it through, draw it up ... row-hard.
Tap it out, square it up,
Drop it in, pull it through,
Draw it up, (slower) drop it in ... row-hard.

Slow-in, slow-in, slow-in,
King's catches they are slow-in,
We hit them, they keep goin' ... row-hard!
Their racing line round Ditton,
Guaranteed we'd hit them,
Topped off with Mason's call of 'You Bas-tards!'


Towin', towin', towin',
That Jesus boat needs towin',
By a barge, and I'm not jokin' ... tow-hard!
But we rowed as far as grassy,
Just so we would look classy,
And treat the crowds to watchin' us row-hard.


Growin', growin', growin',
Our arrogance keeps growin',
Our backsides they are glowin' ... glow-hard!
Corpus tried to avoid the slaughter,
By jumping in the water,
But its best to have eight rowers who row-hard.


Rowin', rowin', rowin',
The headwind keeps on blowin',
Our catches they ain't slowin' ... row-hard!
Queens' don't draw through to the finish,
That's why their leads diminished,
Their boat was made for bumpin' ... we row-hard.


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