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Mich Term 1999

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowJohn Earl
2S. M. Knight
3Jonny Isaacs
4Daniel Micklethwaite
5Will Thorne
6Martin Peck
7Simon Blackburn
strTom Rose
coxSophie Rickards
2nd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowA. D. Scott
2Simon Blakey
3Raj Pannu
4Will Muldrew
5Andy Somers
6James Roslington
7Steve Barclay
strJohn Were
coxRos Liu
1st men's novice VIII
in Black Prince
bowRomain Garcier
2Anton Gazizov
3Paris Kaimakis
4David Rose
5Daniel Walker
6Jonny Constable
7Guy Taylor
strAlvin Ho
coxMike Shea
1st women's novice VIII
in Margot
bowSally Painter
2B. P. Gildea
3R. J. Reed
4Tzo Ai Ang
5Gemma Dean
6K. Cserep
7Emma Hewson
strSarah Taylor
coxBecca North
2nd men's novice VIII
in Titan
bowAndy Baldwin
2Jon Zimmermann
3Lucasz Kowalik
4Neil Talbott
5Keith Rogers
6D. K. Rosel
7C. A. S. Young
strK. P. Szczegot
coxMark Green
Light IV
in Mary Gwyneth
bow (steers)John Earl
2S. M. Knight
3Will Thorne
strTom Rose
1st men's IV
in Charybdis
bowJonny Isaacs
2Martin Peck
3Simon Blackburn
strDaniel Micklethwaite
coxRos Liu
3rd men's IV
in Scylla
bowSteve Barclay
2Andrew Hogley
3A. D. Scott
strJohn Were
coxS. K. Haigh

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