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Name Steve Harris, S
Noviced in 0000

1. Biennial Dinner


Member of:


1999 - 2000

1st men's IV, Mich Term 1999
1st men's VIII, Lent Term 2000

2018 - 2019

1st men's VIII, Mich Term 2018
1st women's IV, Mich Term 2018
1st men's VIII, Lent Term 2019
1st women's VIII, Lent Term 2019

2021 - 2022

1st men's VIII, Lent Term 2022
1st women's VIII, Lent Term 2022

2022 - 2023

1st women's VIII, Mich Term 2022
1st men's VIII, Lent Term 2023
1st women's VIII, Lent Term 2023
2nd women's VIII, Lent Term 2023
1st men's VIII, May Term 2023
2nd women's VIII, May Term 2023

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