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Title: Lower Boats Strategy
Email: lbstrategy at (for use by members only)
No. of members: 38
Description: For viewing of the novice strategy minutes
Owned by: Administrators (group)
Anyone currently in the group may edit the group's members
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Current group members

  1. Charley Bates
  2. Harry Braviner
  3. Laurence Carr
  4. Jij Chow
  5. Tom Coker
  6. Rachel Croft
  7. Honey Duan
  8. John Earl
  9. Andrew Fisher
  10. Peter Ford
  11. Miles Galloway
  12. Gonzalo Garcia
  13. Bryn Garrod
  14. Danae Hadrill-Barratt
  15. Amy Hewer
  16. Elizabeth Hill
  17. Daniel Holland
  18. Phil Horler
  19. Dan Jane
  20. Magnus Jones
  21. Will Laffan
  22. Rachel Munro
  23. Thomas O'Neill
  24. Sebastian Pancratz
  25. Martin Peck
  26. Lynsey Porter
  27. Francesca Rawlins
  28. Julia Robson
  29. Tom Rose
  30. Emma Salgård Cunha
  31. Pedro Salgård Cunha
  32. Jo Sampson
  33. Pia Schaefer
  34. Andrew Sugden
  35. Kirsty Syder
  36. Guy Taylor
  37. The Website Manager
  38. Martin Yarr

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