First and Third Trinity Boat Club
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The Club Email Lists


All members of 1st and 3rd are on the club's official mailing list. It is used infrequently for important messages that are likely to be of interest to the whole club eg. announcements of Boat Club Dinners, kit orders, club photographs, or the opening of BumpIt! On occasion, conversation moved off into distant worlds previously only inhabited by Brad.

Emails to the list can only be sent by people on the list unless previously authorised. The email address is

Spam and emails that are not of (rowing related) interest to the club as a whole are strongly discouraged and persistent offenders will be removed from the list. Members are encouraged to set up mailing list groups for other debate or use by crews.

Getting on to the list

If you are a member or former member of the club that wishes to be on the email list, email and ask nicely.

Removing yourself from the list

If you no longer wish to be on the list, email with a blank message, subject "unsubscribe". Note that this is not the normal list address. There is an extra -request bit!

Alternatively, you could ask the webmaster.

Other Lists

Discussions of narrower interest should be conducted via the appropriate group. After selection, a group is usually created for each crew, and subsequently used for planning outings and general discussion, but groups also exist for a variety of other purposes. Use of the groups is subject to the rules and guidelines.

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