The Club's Results

May Bumps 2004

The famous Cambridge University May Bumps on the River Cam
Wed 9th - Sat 12th June

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1st men's VIII Rowed over Bumped by Queens' Bumped Queens' Rowed over
1st women's VIII Rowed over Bumped Peterhouse Bumped Queens' Rowed over as sandwich boat Rowed over Head Rowed over as sandwich boat
2nd men's VIII Rowed over Bumped Downing II Rowed over Bumped Fitzwilliam
2nd women's VIII Bumped Addenbrookes Overbumped Vets School Bumped Corpus Bumped LMBC III
3rd men's VIII Bumped by Downing III Rowed over Bumped by Trinity Hall III Rowed over
3rd women's VIII Bumped Newnham III Bumped Pembroke III Rowed over Bumped Robinson II
4th men's VIII Bumped by Queens' III Bumped by Churchill III Bumped by Caius III Bumped by Pembroke III
Grad VIII Rowed over Bumped Caius IV Bumped LMBC V Rowed over
Fellows' VIII Overbumped by Jesus V Bumped by Magdalene III Rowed over Rowed over

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Double Overbumped
Overbumped - hit the crew 3 in front
Bumped the crew in front
Row over head of division
Row over - did not bump
Got Bumped
Got Overbumped
Got Double overbumped
Got Triple overbumped. D'oh.

1st men's VIII

Rowed over
The crew were very disappointed to make little impression on LMBC. They held station until around Ditton and thereafter the scum moved away by about a length. (Martin)
Not our best row of the term. (Ingers)
Bumped by Queens'
We rowed better then yesterday to Ditton and closed on Maggie. We had also moved a little away from Queens at first then held distance. Queens moved up down the Reach and hit us whilst rating higher and rowing better. (Ingers)
I only started watching from Ditton, but Queens' seemed a little way off then. They pushed up the reach but at about a third of a length it looked like FaT could hold them. They started closing again at the top of the reach and bumped around where Morley's Holt might be. (I'm never really sure.) (BJ)
This was one of the most gutting races I have done. Partly because it was the first time I have been bumped, but mainly because I feel like we should have held them off. However they were simply a faster crew. (Dan)
Bumped Queens'
JPD is pleasingly powerful (Ingers)
This was probably my most enjoyable and certainly most memorable race for First and Third. The boat felt good on the way to the start, displaying plenty of confidence which was pleasing as they'd been bumped the previous day.

It was obvious that bow six were going to lay down plenty of power, so I told Chris that stern pair were going to work at 90% and concentrate on setting a good rhythm until we needed a boost. This point came on the exit of Ditton, and the extra power from the stern combined with the response from the rest of the crew resulted in by far the most effective push I've ever experienced, taking us from half a length down to alongside the (admittedly ailing) Queens' in about 15 strokes. An awesome bump - thanks guys! (JPD)
An amazing row from the crew today. The extra power of Jon was noticeable, but to turn around a bump in such emphatic style is very impressive and requires a full crew effort. I was a bit concerned when Rachel called for our bumps push when we had only just got the half length call about 3 strokes earlier but it turned out to be the right one. I guess the unexpected nature of our lift out of Ditton really shocked Queens and they capitulated somewhat. I am sure that Maggie will not do the same but time will tell. (Dan)
Rowed over
We* had been cruising along nicely; we* knew we would catch Maggie somewhere in the reach, and we* planned on doing another killer push as we had done on Queens' yesterday. This was all fine except that Maggie bumped Robinson at the White House just as we got overlap.

Unfortunately we* weren't aware of the proximity of Maggie's bow to 'Binson's stern, and would have started our push 10 strokes earlier if we had - which I'm pretty confident would have nailed Maggie before they hit Binson. Never mind, at least we* went up one for the week.

* or was that just me? (JPD)
We were rowing nicely down the Reach closing in on Maggie to overlap by the white house. Unfortunately Maggie had overlap on Binson and bumped them there with us a couple of strokes too late.

We were left with nowhere to go and were given a technical row over. Alas, the real pity was that Downing (who were the slowest of the 4 of us) were only 2 or so lengths in front of us and, as we had planned, the overbump was a real possibility. (Ingers)

1. Turning onto Plough ...
2. Crews ahead in Ploug...
3. Engine room

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1st women's VIII

Rowed over
Our start surpassed both of our practices, and we moved up to 1 length from Darwin quite quickly. Unfortunately, they moved up to overlap on Peterhouse very quickly, and had them by grassy.
By plough reach, what little threat there had been from behind disappeared, and we dragged our way down the reach in complete isolation. Cox-box death after the first 10 strokes contributed to the boat being pretty unresponsive, making the rowover a bit of a chore and a bore, but we got there eventually, to a cry of 'Don't rate Too high Trinity!' from the bank. (jo)
Bumped Peterhouse
A good start, an over enthusiastic stride (38-39), a second over enthusiastic stride (37-38), a whistle, two, three, continuous..., hold it up. job done. (jo)
This crew really are a pleasure to watch- easily the most stylish and technical crew in the division. And today's bump proved that they are also very fast! Congratulations girls!!! (Aileen)
Bumped Queens'
We had a great start, an awesome row and a nice quick bump on Grassy. Job done. (Catherine)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
Apparently we closed to within a length in the gut, but coming into the headwind on the reach Darwin pulled away, and despite our best efforts on the reach we finished outside distance. (Catherine)
Rowed over Head
This wasn't the calmest row we've ever done. It started reasonably well, but we didn't lose queens as quickly as we had hoped we would and we worked a bit harder than we needed to as a result. It did the job though. (jo)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
We had a bit of a dash and die race plan for this one, but didn't have quite enough left in us to make the dash bit quick enough. Darwin dissapeared and went after Selwyn (who have had 3 stonking row-overs this week) and that was that. (jo)

1. At the finish on Grassy
2. Beautiful water in P...
3. Imperial row-over at...

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2nd men's VIII

Rowed over
A powerful and gutsy but rather scrappy race resulted in us rowing over ahead of Sidney with Peterhouse somewhere in the distance ahead after Pembroke hit Downing II incredibly early.

Having only got BP2 back from Janousek this morning the patches of bad balance were understandable and hopefully we can extend some of the rather good bits of rowing we had today to cover the course.

Downing II are ahead tomorrow, no doubt desperate not to get hit by us, and Sidney will be looking for that killer edge behind. (Dan)
The stern section of BP2 was returned to us this morning after the mishap in Lent Term thanks to the sterling efforts of MC Peck.
We rigged up and went for a short practice paddle around noon, to get the feel for the new boat before the river closure came into effect.

We were chasing a Pembroke boat which we didn't know much about, but whom we suspected could be bumpable over a course despite containing the blues president and chased by a Sidney boat containing a Lightweight Blue. Downing II, 2 ahead were suspected to be quite slow, we weren't sure about the overbumping possibilities on Peterhouse at the head of the division and LMBC II were 2 behind but thought to have a reasonable turn of speed.

Moving back to reality, the gun went off and we wound it up nicely off the start, marred only by 2, 4 and 6 having a simultaneous mini-shipwreck on stroke 7 and a couple of strokes later clipping some foliage on the outside of the bend just as we were coming into first post corner.
It was at this point that the initial cries of "Go Wide !!" from various people on the bank began to filter through the general hubbub. It became apparent that Pembroke (complete with CUBC President Wayne Pommen) had caught Downing II at the entry to the corner and then made a complete hash of clearing. A superb piece of coxwainship from Jenny, and an impressive amount of power from 2 and 4 saw us initially jink left around the Pembroke stern, which was at this point on the inside of the bend drifting at 45 degrees to the bank, and then sharply right so as to take the corner whilst avoiding the Downing crew which had cleared to the outside.
Meanwhile, the chasing Disney crew had remained roughly on station with us and seemed to have been slightly closed upon by Maggie II behind (if you were the type to trust the LMBC whistle brigade ...). Pembroke managed to clear fully by the time they came past the wreckage and the Sidney cox had a near-perfect line round the corner available. This was duly taken and the "Lord Protector 400" managed to close some significant distance on us, reducing the inter-boat distance to about a length.
We held them around Grassy, past the Plough and the cheers of our loyal suppoerters, and around Ditton where we came into the headwind. Sidney took advantage of our wind shadow and the reach became a game of push and counter-push. Through these Sidney slowly closed on us until they got to just under half a length off at the Pink House. A bumping ten followed which brought them within inches of our stern after about 15 strokes. Jenny had called a "Kill" push midway through their bumping push and this really started to kick in just under the Raliway Bridge. We started to increase the separation between the boats as we pushed together as a crew. After a further few strokes and an ever-widening gap, we felt we had broken their challenge and it seemed that both boats realised that a bump between the crews was unlikely to occur. Sidney continued to push all the way to Top Finish, but never threatened further.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll be more used to the boat and the rowing might be a little better. Chasing Downing II, chased by Sidney (Matt)
Bumped Downing II
Today, the balance felt better than yesterday and the crew was fired up by the knowlegde that a bump would be definitely possible.
Our start was clean, controlled and powerful, and we took half a length off Downing II in the first ten strokes. We wound it up to 44 and settled nicely into a sustainable rhythm, and inexorably closed the gap around First Post Corner and Grassy until we were well within half a length of our prey as we came into the Plough Reach.
At this point, the bumpy water unsettled us somewhat as Downing put in a series of last-ditch pushes to keep us at bay. The two boats tussled their way around Ditton corner, with the gap oscillating between half a length and a canvas.
Finally, coming onto the Long Reach, we managed to put in a concerted push together and break through the rough water to bump at the Railings.

Well done to Dan N and Bryn for their first ever Bump.

Tomorrow we're chasing Peterhouse, who today were bumped by Pembroke, and being chased by Downing II. (Matt)
We had a nice smooth start today but the rest of the row was pretty mediocre. Downing showed some tenacity but fortunately very little competence.
An inevitable but pleasing result. (Tom C)
Rowed over
After two days of excitement we didn't do much today. We probably rowed better than we have done before, but it was all a bit too... relaxed, really. We'd planned to row slightly conservatively to the Plough and then push for Peterhouse up the reach, but by the time we got there it became apparent that nothing we could do could make Downing II bump us before they were themselves bumped, and that Peterhouse were about to bump Fitz anyway, so we just finished the course in our own time. (BJ)
Took a bit off Peterhouse off the start, but they pushed it back to distance through the gut. They got a canvas on Fitzwilliam at Ditton and converted at the Railway Bridge, leaving us to row over. Behind us, Disney bumped Downing II, leaving Wolfson chasing for the overbump a long way back.

Full report to come after crew pasta ...

... which ended up as Crew Pizza Hut. Four orders of "Feast For Four" surprised the waitress and only Mark decided to forego a Meat-laden delicacy, ordering a Vegetable Pizza instead. Bow four however, as a measure of compensation, went for the Stuffed Crust Cheese Feast option for one of the pizzas ...

Anyway, back to the race report ...
We wound it up nicely and settled to a more comfortable rhythm than yesterday's race
Pulled away from Downing II convincingly and watched Sidney slowly closing in for the Kill. Wolfson behind were closing on Sidney and it was unclear as to which of the two boats would bump out. Peterhouse ahead, after being closed down off the first ten strokes or so, reopened the gap to a length and a half and pushed up to within half a length of Fitzwilliam at Ditton. Despite taking until the Railway Bridge to finally bump, we were never close enough to challenge for a bump ourselves and after passing the bumped out crews, decided to wind it down for the finish and save ourselves for the next day. (Matt)
Bumped Fitzwilliam
Hakuna matata, ain't no passing craze... (BJ)
Hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase... (Smiley Mark)
Fitz lost their rudder in the gut and couldn't take grassy. We rowed past to get the bump. (Little Jenners)
An orgasmic row down to cries of 'Go FaT 2' and Go on Bryn!' was not dampened by a sudden downpour just before pushing off. We're wellard and all the first boats around us were obviously limp wooses who couldnt take the rain. A rip roaring start saw us closing, closing, closing and closing on Fitzbilly until at Grassy the pressure was too much for them. They started taking the corner wide and realised they had no chance of success against such a boat as ours and so pulled in to avoid the embarrassment of rowing past the Plough looking as bad as they did.

We kicked ass.

Our showpiece-start for the peeps at the Plough wowed the crowds and the Thunderbirds move for the Womens 1sts definitely made a few hearts skip a beat.

We bumped up 2 to 2 in the 2nd division in BP2 putting us as the 2nd best 2nd boat on the river with 2 ex-novices rowing and 2 oldies at stroke and seven. I could go on, but realise this - my prediction for the night is that as 2 is obviously a lucky number for us our 2 man - Tom Coker - will get 'lucky' tonight ... twice.

P.s Mark managed not to slip and land in a cow pat this time whilst marshalling. Hehe. (Dan Newton)
It means no worries for the rest of your days... (Dan)
To Dan re his prediction: perhaps it will happen at 2am? (Dubya)
Good start and surge saw us close on Fitz.
They then proceeded to suffer a "spectacular failure to Grassy" and we rowed past and pulled in. Up 2 ! (Matt)
I'm afraid I wasn't lucky in any possible way last night, although I did obtain 2 bruises on my 2nd leg and am missing 2 shoes, and I managed to get out of bed (slowly) at 2pm. (Tom C)

1. Aerial starts too
2. Aerial starts
3. Gotta love an LBC. H...

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2nd women's VIII

Bumped Addenbrookes
Yes! Nervous beforehand; Addenbrooke's didn't look bad but (as usual!) we bumped just at the motorway bridge.

Looking forward to tomorrow!! (Erica)
*yea* we did! We haven't rowed together as a crew for quite a while now [yes yes my fault :P] so the balance etc wasn't great, but not a bad row at all. Andy's been telling us all term that he wants us to realise that nobody really bumps under the motorway bridge, bumps is suppoed to be about pain. So, sorry andy, will try [less?] harder tomorrow :) actually, tomorrow should be interesting, as clare hall got bumped because of an argument with the bank.. so.. we will see :S! (Wants to stroke.)
Not much to say, bumped pretty quickly. Not a bad row overall. (Andy)
Overbumped Vets School
No, andy, nobody *overbumps* at the motorway bridge :)
hehe! Felt really nice and powerful today, everybody really kept it going, even when we realised we might have to go [a bit] further today. Ah the little people in fur had it coming anyway!
*yea* we did!!!!! (*Yea* we did)
WOW! What a great row! This crew are so much faster than their opposition, they managed to overbump before Grassy! Amazing! Congratulations!!! (Aileen)
As far as I can tell, Clare Hall pulled away slightly from us, before we started to reel them in. Clare Hall were themselves closing on Darwin II, closing on Vets School. According to someone on the bank, Darwin had overlap on Vets before a crab enabled Clare Hall to bump them around halfway before the Motorway Bridge and First Post Corner, at which point we were about 3/4 length from Clare Hall and about 3 from Vets. The distance rapidly decreased and the overbump occurred in the gut. Not a bad effort overall, Corpus tomorrow, with Clare Hall behind.

See, nobody really bumps before the motorway bridge :-) (Andy)
Bumped Corpus
Not exactly the best start or row we've ever had, but closed on corpus pretty quick. Clare Hall caught up a bit off the start, as expectec, but we held them off and pulled away after the motorway bridge. Bit [lot] of carnage caused us to bump just before first post corner, but the bump stood as we clearly would have got them anyway. Our first first boat so far! Ra Ra 1st&3rd etc. tomorrow = Maggie III, caught by Jesus III at the motorway bridge, so here's hoping it all goes well. P.s attendance at tomorrow's Stomp *compulsory*, girls, Maggie here we come! (*Yea* we did)
To be honest, a pretty ropey start, got it back together and closed on Corpus quickly. Maggie were bumped by Downing ahead, and Corpus were impeded more than we were, but the result was never in doubt as we were already about half a length from them. They conceded quite late and Jenny's blade ended up attached to their rudder strings, making it somewhat difficult to get out of Clare Hall's way. I believe they were awarded a technical rowover. For their part, they made a fast start, closing to about a length on us from the start, but making no impression afterwards. (Andy)
They were wearing devil horns. They were Maggie. They were on for spoons. In short, they were asking for it and we obliged in short order after about 35 strokes, just past the motorway bridge. Perhaps one of our better rows.

Overall, pleased with our performance this week. We have surpassed my prediction of about +2. Many thanks to Jo Sampson and John Earl for organising and coaching. I hope that the girls continue on their successful rowing ways (five of them are up 10 after two sets of bumps!) It was a pleasure coxing you. (And thanks for the box of chocolates :-) (Andy)
Red Scum went down without much of a fight, kind of as expected. Shame we weren't following someone a bit better really.. But on the other hand, I felt relaxed and even fairly confident[!] off the start, stride felt nice, hit them before i even got out of breath. Bit dissapointingly easy really. But rolling pairs with a champagne bottle being passed along was fun, as was Andy's attempt at steering with a flag shoved down his lifejacket, and clutching a[nother] bottle. He's "Reasonably Happy" that we went up 6, if a bit disapointed not to have taught us the "pain" of bumps. (*Yea* we did)
in 1'00"9. (Keith Noble-Nesbitt)

1. The crew on their pa...
2. Victorious paddle home
3. Blades for the 2nd w...

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3rd men's VIII

Bumped by Downing III
Well, this was shocking. Our start was alright - pulling about half a length on Downing M3 - but in a similar way to the Nines - we fell to bits not long afterwards - with very little power being put down. Downing III behind closed up the gap quite quickly - and we were roughly on-station with LMBC III in front. Downing got us right on first post corner.

This was utterly disapointing - most of our practice pieces have been so much better than this. Whether the difference was due to the headwind up 1st post reach, or the fact that our 3-man was found passed out at 4a.m. outside Cindy's, I don't know. Tomorrow we will look to have a much better row down and race and try and catch Downing before they get Maggie. Maybe we could look for the cheeky overbump on Magdalene M2. (Richard)
Rowed over
The start was reasonable, not as good as our practise outside the plough and maybe not even as good as yesterday. Rowing after the stride was a lot better than yesterday though.

I was getting a bit worried by grassy when Peterhouse were within half a length and seemingly closing, but a good push out of grassy and a nice rhythm through plough reach saw us stretch our lead to about a length. Then came the wonderful sight of their 4 man loosing his seat around ditton, forcing them to take a terrible line, allowing us to move even further away. Rest of the row was pretty relaxed after they were overbumped by Tit Hall halfway down the reach. (Phil)
A better row than yesterday overall. We had quite a reasonable start - either holding station or gaining a small amount of distance behind. Peterhouse II started to make a move about half-way up 1st post reach - gaining the first whistle just before first post corner. We had to go very wide on 1st post corner to avoid a boat which had bumped out - but Peterhouse were able to get a better line - giving them their 2nd whistle. They closed up to about 1/3 of a length at Grassy corner - where both crews had to go wide to avoid crews bumped out on the inside of the corner. Our lift out of Grassy was extremely good - and the gap started opening out as we found a nice rhythm - we had about a length by the Plough pub (although the Peterhouse bank-party were still giving 2 whistles!!!). I think at about this point the 4-man of the Peterhouse boat came off his seat or something like that - as Peterhouse disappeared into the distance. At the entry to Ditton corner - we had nearly 2 lengths clear water. A very wide corner by the chasing boat saw the gap grow further. Peterhouse looked to be at least 4 lengths down at the Railings - and not long after I think a crab ended their challenge as Trinity Hall III came up and hit them for the overbump. With Clare III about 400 metres behind - we wound it down to about 20 - although we took it up slightly for the finish as practice.

Overall today was a row that we can, generally speaking, be reasonably pleased with - but we can still step up a gear or two. Tomorrow we're chasing Maggie III again to send them down to their lowest ever position in the Mays. (Richard)
Bumped by Trinity Hall III
This was not so good. After the gun - we closed slightly on Maggie infront - but Trinity Hall III behind closed much faster. A bit of spannering before the motorway bridge let Hall close to 3/4 of a length, and they kept advancing. We got our 1 length whistle on Maggie just after the motorway bridge, but we couldn't hold off Hall behind - who made contact at 1st post corner.

Overall today wasn't nearly as good as yesterday - we never really found the rhythm that we had yesterday.

Tomorrow, Hall will likely bump LMBC III before 1st post corner to win their blades, leaving us chasing Pembroke II for the overbump and their spoons. Behind we have to hold off Emma III - who are being chased by an angry looking Peterhouse II (Richard)
Rowed over
We made a quick crew order change to see whether we could enforce a nice rhythm. Our practice start and 30 second piece under the Railway Bridge felt very nice from inside the boat - which gave me confidence that our real race was going to be good. Our practice start outside the Plough wasn't quite as good, but after a short burst in 1st post reach we arrived on station and spun with about 12 minutes to go.

After the gun - the start wasn't quite as good as I'd have liked - and I had several bad strokes early in the race which allowed Emmanuel to get to about 1 length off us. We soon settled into the rhythm that we had been looking for all week and held Emma at about a length and a quarter for most of First post reach. Ahead of us, Trinity Hall III bumped LMBC III at the top of 1st post reach to leave us chasing for the overbump on Pembroke II. A nice line through the gut and Grassy corner saw us move from a length and a quarter to outside distance and we increased this distance up the Plough Reach with a nice push out of Grassy. Just before Ditton, the heavens opened as torrential rain came down. Our cox wasn't amused, but our rhythm was unaffected. As we rounded Ditton - Emmanuel were significantly outside distance and were continuing to fall back, despite one pretty bad stroke just after the corner. We continued closing in for the overbump on Pembroke, but we were running out of river as we neared the finish. Coming through the Railway Bridge, Emmanuel were about 5 or 6 lengths down, and Pembroke ahead had held us at around 2 lengths. We tried a rolling start to get another couple of pips to try and push for Pembroke, but something on 2's footplate broke, and our challenge for the overbump was effectively over. Peterhouse II who had fallen a long way back early on were now pushing Emma hard, who had crept up on us slightly - but we took it across the finish at Morley's Halt around 4 lengths clear. In the distance, all 4 crews behind also rowed over.

Today's race was probably the best race in which I've sat in the stroke seat - and the rhythm felt pretty good throughout.

Overall, we've had a slightly disappointing bumps - finishing down 2 places, but today's row-over felt very nice and we can restore a bit of pride with the race. Although we set out for rowing for the overbump - it was always going to be a bonus and rowing-over was the real target of the day. (Richard)

1. Well clear of Emma III
2. 3rd men moving up on...
3. In the rain at the P...

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3rd women's VIII

Bumped Newnham III
A strong start saw us make up ground (or water?) on Newnham quickly and convincingly bumped them soon after the motorway bridge... Eddies did not bother us. A good row. (Ailly)
Bumped Pembroke III
Another good start. We recovered well after a bad stroke and caught up quickly to bump just on the first corner. A good row. (Claire)
Rowed over
We very nearly caught Caius before they bumped the flailing Robinson crew ahead of them. We pushed for the overbump but the next two crews bumped out and we headed for home. A solid row today and we are more than ready for Robinson tomorrow! (Lara)
Bumped Robinson II
Easy. We got our eardrums blasted under the motorway bridge as it was raining for the start... niiice. (Ailly)

1. Blades well covered
2. Approaching the rail...
3. Catches in in the bows

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4th men's VIII

Bumped by Queens' III
All over rather quickly, really. We were only just getting going when we were bumped. Hopefully can do better tomorrow. (Jordan)
Bumped by Churchill III
Not much to say... Once more, we were not rowing in time, most of us squaring late, and we never managed to put down any substantial power.
It was slighty better than yesterday though; but we still got bumped very quickly (just after the first bridge).
At this time, Queens III (the boat ahead of us) was already quite far and there were other crews pushing hard behind Churchill III.
We really need to make more efforts to sit the boat and to row in time. (Y. Cormier)
Bumped by Caius III
Those in the bows got their first taste of a collision today. Unfortunately it was with the bank. A combination of factors left our bows facing in at the gun, and we were soon fending off; although we got moving again, it left an easy target for Caius III. Maybe we'll get past the motorway bridge tomorrow?! (Jordan)
Bumped by Pembroke III
As the saying goes, "be careful what you wish for...". There was a certain sense of inevitability today, and although this was probably our best row of all four days, it was still nowhere near enough. We did get past the motorway bridge, though!

My only justifiable regret is that nobody else seems interested in a spoon-making session... (Jordan)

1. concentrating before...
2. rowing home
3. rowing home, spoons ...

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Rowed over
I subbed into this boat at late notice due to an illness. On the evidence of today, the grads should be disappointed to have not come out with a better result. They happened to start behind a crew that looked quite physically strong, but thats bumps.

The Grads have a fast start to work in their favour over the coming days. Distance calls from the coxes seat or the bank are often questionable, but I'd say we must have closed the gap on Corpus III to about half a length off the start. This was my 20th bumps race start in the bow seat, and I know that level of wash must have meant we were close! Unfortunately things got scrappy in the rough water, we lost boat speed and Corpus punished us, rapidly moving out to distance and beyond. They bumped Caius near first post, and with the two crews ahead of them bumped out as well we were left chasing a rather improbable double overbump on Wolfson II. Some good pushes at the bottom of the reach may have seen us close a little, but it was never really on the cards.

I expect these guys to do well over the next three days. Downing took a long time to hit Disney, so they shouldn't be an issue. The focus needs to be on Caius ahead, and they're there for the taking. (Keith Noble-Nesbitt)
An impressive start and we gained on Corpus, but we got stuck in the rough water behind them as they got a big overlap on Caius and then bumped out. Meanwhile behind us disney were nowhere and got bumped when they were many lengths behind. We continued on valiantly in search of an overbump but died a bit (actually a lot) in the reach. We had gained on Wolfson, but not enough for the double overbump to be on.

All in all a good start, and we were faster than the crews above and below us. Hopefully we'll get Caius tomorrow. (Neil)
Bumped Caius IV
A decent start and we gained a lot of ground again. We stopped gaining on the stride but then began to reel them in on first post reach. Aileen steered for them at first post corner and we got them! It took them ages to conceed, we hit them 4 or 5 times and our bowman had a good view of their stern. We came to a rest just at the start of the gut.

And oh look, we're chasing Maggie fellows tomorrow! (Neil)
Bumped LMBC V
Subbing in for an ill crew member, this was perhaps my last ever bumps race. Satisfyingly it ended with my first bump on The Red Scum and the 5th boat headship. (Keith Noble-Nesbitt)
Yes, issues at the start were rather disturbing, yet we got over them fairly quickly and were prepared for the "strrrride". The wind has proven to be much less of a problem than I feared, so that final misstroke from the bow side is a bit embarassing indeed. Anyway, the whole idea of bumping a boat full of people in red appears to be quite gratifying :) (Right B)
Woo Yay, my first bump on Maggie!

We had some 'issues' at the start, but we managed to be pretty calm at the gun, lets just say some people will be getting points!

Our row down had been good, and the race itself too, we seem to be improving. The only slight wobble when we got to about 4 feet from them in rough water, but we got them about the same place we bumped yesterday.

Tomorrow will be tricky: Corpus are in front of us, and we got within half a length of them off the start on day 1, but we expect them to be faster than Jesus. (Neil)
Rowed over
A good solid row-over as there was nothing in front to hit. We expected Corpus to hit Jesus quickly, but not that quickly! A crab in the Jesus boat resulted in them being hit before the stride. We'd closed to a length on corpus, but to no avail.We then set off dreaming of an overbump on Robinson, but they got Girton pretty quickly too.

We rowed over taking it fairly relaxed, christs tried to be cheeky and go for an overbump but we kept them miles away with the odd push.

Same as day 1: we gained on Corpus but they gained alot faster on the other crews around. (Neil)

1. Moving in for the kill!
2. Bearing down on Maggie
3. Full Steam Ahead

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Fellows' VIII

Overbumped by Jesus V
Things didn't really go our way, after boat swapping at the P&E we only just made it to the start in time, and a few of the crew were a little unsettled. We were on course to bump, but a couple of crabs were caught, more or less stopping the boat. Then the crew behind started to overtake, but their bowman ejected himself in a bizarre fashion so I thought that was the end of the division.

Technical overbump?? A very disappointing decision, and a real pity that we won't have another shot at Clare. (Tom C)
Bumped by Magdalene III
A very good row today. About half a length off Hall when we were bumped by a boat that should be a couple of divisions higher. (Tom C)
Rowed over
Downing were looking confident until they found they had no lifejacket. They tried to blag it with the safety ring from the lock but the umpire wasn't convinced. We had a good row up to the beginning of the reach, at which point it became even more clear that none of the other boats wanted to play with us.

Tomorrow we have a good chance of bumping a slow Clare crew, but no doubt Downing will have some frustration to express from behind. (Tom C)

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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the following information, note that the results are unofficial.

Men's bumps charts

Men's bumps chart, May Bumps 2004

Women's bumps charts

Women's bumps chart, May Bumps 2004

Michell Cup points

St. Catharine's16.80
1st and 3rd6.67
Trinity Hall-3.43
Murray Edwards-14.40
Anglia Ruskin-20.00
Sidney Sussex-24.00

Ineligible after entering fewer than 3 crews:

St. Edmund's48.00
Hughes Hall36.00
Clare Hall12.00
Vets School-72.00

Cambridge weather: Wednesday text
Thursday text
Friday text
Saturday text

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