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May Bumps 2004

Fellows' VIII

Coxed by: Tom Coker

Overbumped by Jesus V
Things didn't really go our way, after boat swapping at the P&E we only just made it to the start in time, and a few of the crew were a little unsettled. We were on course to bump, but a couple of crabs were caught, more or less stopping the boat. Then the crew behind started to overtake, but their bowman ejected himself in a bizarre fashion so I thought that was the end of the division.

Technical overbump?? A very disappointing decision, and a real pity that we won't have another shot at Clare. (Tom C)
Bumped by Magdalene III
A very good row today. About half a length off Hall when we were bumped by a boat that should be a couple of divisions higher. (Tom C)
Rowed over
Downing were looking confident until they found they had no lifejacket. They tried to blag it with the safety ring from the lock but the umpire wasn't convinced. We had a good row up to the beginning of the reach, at which point it became even more clear that none of the other boats wanted to play with us.

Tomorrow we have a good chance of bumping a slow Clare crew, but no doubt Downing will have some frustration to express from behind. (Tom C)

1. Splendid Isolation
2. Rowing Over
3. The Fellows VIII siz...

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