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May Bumps 2004

4th men's VIII

Coxed by: Dilini Nanayakkara

Bumped by Queens' III
All over rather quickly, really. We were only just getting going when we were bumped. Hopefully can do better tomorrow. (Jordan)
Bumped by Churchill III
Not much to say... Once more, we were not rowing in time, most of us squaring late, and we never managed to put down any substantial power.
It was slighty better than yesterday though; but we still got bumped very quickly (just after the first bridge).
At this time, Queens III (the boat ahead of us) was already quite far and there were other crews pushing hard behind Churchill III.
We really need to make more efforts to sit the boat and to row in time. (Y. Cormier)
Bumped by Caius III
Those in the bows got their first taste of a collision today. Unfortunately it was with the bank. A combination of factors left our bows facing in at the gun, and we were soon fending off; although we got moving again, it left an easy target for Caius III. Maybe we'll get past the motorway bridge tomorrow?! (Jordan)
Bumped by Pembroke III
As the saying goes, "be careful what you wish for...". There was a certain sense of inevitability today, and although this was probably our best row of all four days, it was still nowhere near enough. We did get past the motorway bridge, though!

My only justifiable regret is that nobody else seems interested in a spoon-making session... (Jordan)

1. concentrating before...
2. rowing home
3. rowing home, spoons ...

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