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May Term 2004

Maiden Sculls
Mon 19th - Wed 21st April
500m side by side race in singles for people who have not entered a sculling race before.

VLW in her single scull: Lost to Emma's captain by 1+1/4 lengths in the 1st round
AML in his single scull: Raced 3 rounds: Beat Geoff Roberts (Emma) by 1 3/4 Lengths in the final

Foster Fairbairn Pairs
Mon 19th - Wed 21st April
A 2000m knock-out regatta for coxless pairs as part of the Small Boats Regatta - raced in the 'chasing' format (boats starting 100 yards apart) from the posts before the motorway bridge to those by the pink house in the Reach.
The small boats races generally attract only a small number of entries - and by regularly entering crews we have had many successes in recent years.

Chamberlain/Holland: Raced 3 rounds: Lost to Catz (~15s) in the final
Coker/Colvin: Beat Catz (alot) in the 1st round and Lost to Catz (43s) in the semi finals

Lowe Double Sculls
Mon 19th - Wed 21st April
Held over the 2km course from Little Bridge to the posts downstream of the railway bridge. Part of the small boats regatta. Open to mens, womens and mixed crews.

Ingram/Lea-Cox: Lost by 21 sec in the 1st round

Tue 20th April
2km sculling race run by LMBC open to anyone in the university.
The premier university sculling event.

Eton Boy in his single scull (Open 1x): Beat Dmitri Petrov, Peterhouse by 18s in the heats and Beat Mark Corbett (Downing) by 15s; Dan Eves(Christ's) by 44s in the final

Head of the Cam
Sat 1st May
A timed headrace on the Cam for college and town crews
Useful early term race practice and the first hint of form for the May Bumps.

RTT Regatta
Mon 3rd May
A Single Sculling regatta open to any of Tom's friends, held over 500m from the 2nd post upstream of Ditton to the top Colquhouns finish.
After numerous postponements, the regatta finally went ahead in the traditional location of the Long Reach. Dull weather and exam stress dented the number of entrants, which may put paid to any attempts at gaining Mitchell Cup status. However, the presence of some high profile names from the worlds of Salad Eating, Cycling, and webmastery meant this was another keenly fought contest.....

RTT (Open 1x): Beat Salad Boy by 1 3/4l in the 1st round and Beat Gaypers by 8" in the final
JPD in his single scull (Open 1x): beat Glass by 1/2 length in the semi finals and lost to RTT by 8 inches in the final
Salad Boy (Open 1x): lost by 1 3/4l in the 1st round and won by default in the plate final
jmg in his single scull (Open 1x): Lost by 1/2 L in the 1st round

Concept 2 Sprint Relay
Fri 7th May
A 500m relay race in teams of 8
A 4km erg piece, to be divided as evenly as possible between the 8 team members, with each competitor rowing once only. Efficient changeovers are important in keeping the time down.

Cambridge Head-2-Head
Sun 9th May
A timed headrace in two parts, length 2x2600m
A good form guide for crews, one month before the Mays

Bedford Regatta
Sat 15th May
A knock out side by side regatta over 1200m
A large event attracting many college, university and club crews from Oxford, Cambridge and beyond

1st men's VIII (Senior3 VIII): Beat Univ (ox) 1 3/4 lengths in the 1st round and Lost to Oriel (Ox) 3/4 Length in the 2nd round
1st men's VIII (Senior2 VIII): Lost to St Edwards School (1 length) in the qualifying

Champion of the Thames Eights Head
Sun 23rd May
A Head race for eights from the Plough Pub to the Pike and Eel.
A fun head race with prizes for best bumps start, best line round Ditton - as well as for finish position.

Cambridge 99's Regatta
Sun 30th May
A side by side knock out regatta along the reach over 1000m
A fun summer regatta for college VIIIs. Unfortunately not all that many crews are able to enter, though, because of exam pressures!

1st men's VIII (1st division): Lost to Churchill (1 length) in the semi finals and Beat Fitzwilliam (2 lengths) in the plate final
1st women's VIII (1st division): Lost to Darwin by 2/3 length in the semi finals and Lost to Pembroke by 1 length in the plate final
2nd men's VIII (2nd division): Beat Girton I by 1/3 of a length in the semi finals and Lost to CCAT I by 3 lengths in the final
3rd men's VIII (1st division): Beat Girton II (3 feet) in the semi finals and Lost to Darwin I (easily) in the final
3rd women's VIII (4th and lower division): Beat Wolfson II by 2 boat lengths in the semi finals and Lost to Magdalene II by 1.5 boat lengths in the final

May Bumps Getting-on Race
Fri 4th June
The 2000m qualifying race for the May Bumps
Entries in the bumps without positions in the finishing order of the May bumps last year, and up to 10 crews at the bottom of the last divisions, have to compete over a head race to "get on" to the bumps.

May Bumps
Wed 9th - Sat 12th June
The famous Cambridge University May Bumps on the River Cam
The highlight of the college rowing calendar involving a total of over 1500 students - with 81 competitors from Trinity

FaT/LMBC Punting Regatta
Thu 17th June
A side by side knock-out race in punts. The course is raced from the upstream side of Trinity Bridge towards St. John's, spinning downstream of the Bridge of Sighs, with a stern finish on the upstream side of Trinity Bridge.
A fun May Week event - the inaugural punt race between us and our historic rivals from neighbouring St. John's college.

2nd May VIII Punters (Open Punters): Raced 3 rounds: Beat LMBC Scum (1 length) in the final
Women's 2nd May VIII Punters (Women's Punters): Beat LMBC 2nd Women's Punt (2 lengths) in the final
Phil and Henry's VIII/punt (Open Punters): Lost to LMBC Scum (easily) in the 1st round

FaT vs BPBC Cricket Challenge
Sun 20th June
An annual post-term fixture between First and Third and BPBC, held at Girton.
The third encounter between the cricketing giants of First and Third and BPBC was an astonishingly close game, with the result a victory for the young'uns by 4 wickets, the winning runs coming off the final ball.

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