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The Club's Crews

May Term 2000

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowJohn Earl
2Martin Peck
3Will Thorne
4S. M. Knight
5Jonathan Glass
6S. Case
7Rich Dewire
strTom Rose
coxSophie Rickards
1st women's VIII
in Denys Lawrence
bowRosie Chance
2K. M. Howie
3Emily Booker
4S. J. Cochrane
5Emma Wilton
6Caroline Ng
7Cass Chideock
strHelen Dixon
coxJulia Gog
2nd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowA. D. Scott
2Guy Taylor
3Adrian Bevan
4James Roslington
5Andy Somers
6Will Fletcher
7Neil Talbott
strJohn Were
coxRos Liu
2nd women's VIII
in Margot
bowNadine Johnston
2R. J. Reed
3Maria Stalford
4B. P. Gildea
5Colette Clement
6Sarah Taylor
7Sally Painter
strLizzie Pomeroy
coxWill Seager
3rd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowEd Watson
2G. K. Tan
3A. R. E. Inch
4D. K. Rosel
5Daniel Walker
6K. Suruliz
7Chris Stone
strJonny Constable
coxS. E. Richards
3rd women's VIII
bowCarrie Hurelbrink
2Sarah Michael
3Lucy Stannard
4Claire Postlethwaite
5Anna Schramm
6A. J. Palmer
7Rebecca East
strHannah Cornfield
coxS. K. Haigh
4th men's VIII
bowPhilipp Hiemer
2Raj Pannu
3Christoph Bergemann
4Marc d'Abbadie
5Steve Barclay
6Jonny Isaacs
7Andrew Hogley
strSimon Blackburn
coxKate MacGregor
6th men's VIII
bowAdrian Proctor
2John Penton
3Cahir King
4Robert Patterson
5H. Ballmann
6Z. Radnai
7Andy Donaldson
strJohn Rudge
coxS. M. Knight
7th men's VIII
bowB. H. Simkin
2Kal Asrress
3Steve Woolston
4Richard Spencer
5Jonnie Walker
6Damian Smith
7Chris Harding
strMike Goodson
coxBecca North
8th men's VIII
bowKetan Patel
2Daniel Christ
3Adrian Broadhurst
4Maurice Ringer
5Quentin Poirier
6Marcus Seeliger
7Jim Kinnaird
strNikhil Sharma
coxPascale Garaud

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