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Title: Black Prince Boat Club Boat Club
Email: bpbcbc at
No. of members: 45
Description: For members of BPBC who controversially want to row.
Owned by: Lower Boats Strategy (group)
Any club member may join this group
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Current group members

  1. Forbes Anderson
  2. Julia Attwood
  3. Rosie Baish
  4. Ulrike Bauer
  5. Emily Booker
  6. Matthew Byrne
  7. Jij Chow
  8. Tom Coker
  9. Dan Darley
  10. Jon Davies
  11. Rich Dewire
  12. John Earl
  13. Christopher Elsby
  14. Kerem Ergene
  15. Bronwen Evans
  16. Graham Fisher
  17. Richard Fletcher
  18. Peter Ford
  19. Bryn Garrod
  20. Raphaƫle Garrod
  21. Jonathan Glass
  22. Mike Goodson
  23. Lizzie Grose
  24. Florian Gruessing
  25. Elizabeth Hill
  26. Daniel Holland
  27. Phil Horler
  28. Chris Ingram
  29. Dan Jane
  30. Nina Kamcev
  31. S. M. Knight
  32. Will Laffan
  33. Paul Masset
  34. Thomas McTiernan
  35. Sonya Milanova
  36. Thomas O'Neill
  37. Sebastian Pancratz
  38. Alasdair Phillips-Robins
  39. Andy Pickard
  40. Clive Ponsonby
  41. Stephen Robson
  42. Robert Shearme
  43. Emma Smith
  44. James Strawson
  45. Neil Talbott

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