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Mich Term 2016

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowForbes Anderson
2Marcus Roberts
3Alexander Dear
4Ed Bryant
5Christopher Elsby
6James Edgeley
7Peter Lau
strBen Jarman
coxEmily Gordon
2nd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowNeil Ibata
2Tom Wilson
3Petr Dolezal
4Mark Di-Giovanni
5John Grenfell-Shaw
6Tom King
7Matthew Griffiths
strJonathan Williams
coxKristina Bifani
1st men's novice VIII
in Black Prince
bowRyan Pringle
2Alfred Wong
3David Bustillos
4Aaron Lewis
5Josh Hampson
6Peter Robinson
7Jacob Currie
strRobin Hedley
coxCharlene Tang
1st women's novice VIII
in Denys Lawrence
bowBeth Clent
2Ruth Lawlor
3Olivia Tidswell
4Bianca Andrei
5Isobel Voysey
6Franziska Kahr
7Olivia Edwards
strSusannah Ashfield
coxSophie Maclean
2nd men's novice VIII
in Richard Church
bowLawrence Hollom
2Nicolas Zorn
3Arlen Liu
4Alan Sun
5Rory McLaurin
6Richard Law
7Samuel Kittle
strDaniel Thompson
coxTereza Constantinou
2nd women's novice VIII
in Peter Brandt
bowElizabeth Huang
2Ebony Zhang
3Jade Lam
4Sayana Turpin-Aviram
5Giorgia Maffioli-Brigatti
6Sheyna Cruz
7Mina Frost
strMia Watanabe
coxIda Petajasoja
3rd men's novice VIII
in Titan
bowMelchior Chui
2Alex Watson
3Robert Sparkes
4Salvador Buse
5John Busher
6Brian Mummert
7Matt Davison
strHarry Bestwick
coxRamit Saksena
3rd women's novice VIII
in Peter Brandt
bowAlice Kirk
2Hanyi Wang
3Emma Lipscomb
4Sara Kopf
5Mariella Minder
6Mabel Qiao
7Megan Crane
strSophie Maclean
coxNeil Ibata
4th men's novice VIII
bowJamie Bell
2Vlad Badelita
3Callum McLean
4Jiri Etrych
5Fred Oats
6Asif Hossain
7Ben Jackson
strDohun Lee
coxMarcus Roberts
1st women's IV
in Scylla
bowZoe Wible
2Sofia Taylor-Coronel
3Daisy Gomersall
strRebecca Wylie
coxKeval Haria

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