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Videos from back yonder
www.rowtv.comfrom Esther, Wed 11th May, 1:09pm
I've only just discovered this page. it has videos from all the major events over that last few years. including FaT II glorious victory in City Sprints in 2001 with some well dodgy steering by what may be yours truly. It also has videos of steph whooping my arse at wallingford last weekend.... (3 comments...)
Yahoo! News - photos Simon, Mon 9th May, 7:27am
Stupid Puzzle Chris, Sat 7th May, 10:56pm
Not an evening well spent
Physics of rowing Rupert, Sat 7th May, 9:56am
So this is what the dark side are planning... (2 comments...)
Oxford Looniversity Mike, Thu 5th May, 7:30am
No-one ever said you had to have brains to be admitted to Oxford. (2 comments...)
Punch a politician!
http://www.punchaceleb.comfrom Amelia, Tue 3rd May, 6:37pm
Does your vote count? vlw, Mon 2nd May, 10:07pm
interesting way to promote voter apathy?
Pledge bank Simon, Mon 2nd May, 3:44pm Matt, Mon 25th Apr, 1:16pm
Rigging for spanners Simon, Sun 24th Apr, 4:14pm
Retro Toys Quiz Neil, Fri 22nd Apr, 10:55am
To aid procrastination... (41 comments...)
Who Should You Vote For? Sarah, Thu 21st Apr, 8:13am
In case you are having trouble deciding. (7 comments...)
Sounds familiar... Simon, Mon 18th Apr, 6:56am
Does that headline remind you of anything? (1 comment...)
Save Toby
http://www.savetoby.comfrom Chris, Fri 15th Apr, 6:57pm
Empty your wallets
Spamusement sat, Tue 12th Apr, 12:14pm
The gold socks have defected! Esther, Sat 2nd Apr, 5:51pm
I apologise.
This is how Robin Williams does it Simon, Sat 26th Mar, 8:27pm
Let us know on Saturday how you did... (17 comments...)
1-D Tetris mjb, Thu 24th Mar, 12:22pm
A pointless twist on an old favourite ... (3 comments...)
Roles of an eight - BBC version Simon, Wed 23rd Mar, 1:27pm
Their description of three is very polite - I guess they couldn't call it the ejector seat...
But otherwise a good guide for beginners to the sport. (2 comments...)
OURCs Simon, Sat 19th Mar, 9:45pm
Will JPD ever be forced to take the same action? (20 comments...)
Bump! Simon, Sat 19th Mar, 2:12pm
The 3rd Court "Contraption" Mike, Fri 11th Mar, 7:59pm
People at St. John's have too much time on their hands. (1 comment...)
For London bufties zoe, Wed 9th Mar, 5:05pm
The Official White House website pia, Wed 9th Mar, 4:42pm
bear in mind: this is the OFFICIAL website. Makes it all the funnier! I especially recommend the tour of the Oval Office given by Doubya Himself.
FrontRower Jacob, Mon 7th Mar, 12:55pm
Row facing forward... hands free, or erg powered
Want to find out more about malt loaf?
www.soreen.comfrom Obsessive about malt loaf, Sun 6th Mar, 1:41pm
There's a new golden syrup flavour one coming out apparently. See website for recipies and more 'soreen' products! (1 comment...)
Weebls Stuff mjb, Fri 25th Feb, 11:08am
Various animations, including Badgers and the Kenya song amongst others.

Anyone who loved Magical Trevor the first time around (allegedly everyone loves Magical Trevor) might be interested to know he's back with a new trick.

Enjoy. (Needs sound)
Boatie messge boards Lilie, Sun 20th Feb, 1:18pm
the changed location of the cucbc/'boatie' boards
The "Cambridge Rowing Message Board" mjb, Tue 18th Jan, 5:25pm
A Disney replacement for the old CUCBC boards
Top 100 rowing sites webmaster, Fri 14th Jan, 3:56pm
A rowing website popularity poll. Apparently by following the link you vote for ours - might be fun for a week or two. Their rules say maximum votes allowed are one per day each. (41 comments...)
Home Run easily distracted, Thu 13th Jan, 7:37pm
For some strange reason, endlessly entertaining. Never get further than about 60 m though. (If your German is as crap as mine, all you need to know is that you control it with the mouse!)

And for the boys, here's another. (5 comments...)
Ex-Captain in the news? A different ex-captain, Mon 10th Jan, 10:02pm
Williams to leave CUBC jpd, Thu 23rd Dec, 1:08pm
Spot the obvious mistake... (1 comment...)
A work of art it's OK to be puzzled by Mike, Wed 22nd Dec, 11:57am
Turner Prize winning sculptor Keith Tyson has come up with a work of art/puzzle consisting of 13 cubes, each of which has a message encoded on the faces; The Times is publishing all the relevant images so you don't have to visit Regent's Park to see it. If you can successfully decode the message before anyone else, you can win the sculpture itself. Personally, I've got nowhere with any of it, but I'd be interested to see what people can come up with.
The rest of the cubes are being linked from here. (9 comments...)
Cross training Esther, Mon 13th Dec, 1:30pm
For those cold winter nights....
Black Prince website?
haven't a clue!from Sarah, Fri 3rd Dec, 11:37am
Alex and I have been adding 'our clubs' to the website (it's a coxes thing) and I wanted to add BP as one of my 12 clubs (or something like that, am beginning to lose count now)

I definitely remember there being a BPBC website of some sort, although it was lame into the extreme and consisted of a black screen with the cat and buns on it... anyone any ideas where it's gone? and are there plans to revive it... c'mon the Boars Head *spit* can manage it... (although last updated on 4 December 2002 at 3 p.m.)
Calendar Girls sat, Fri 26th Nov, 10:37am
What our Boat Housemates get up to in their spare time!
Useless Information Dan, Wed 24th Nov, 2:45pm
Full of useless information. The one regarding Alexander Graham Bell is particularly interesting if true!
Lard lovers face national crisis Simon, Fri 19th Nov, 10:53am
Count the passes Mike, Mon 15th Nov, 2:32pm
Step 1: Watch this video, counting the passes made by the white team. Watch it once only.

Step 2: Check your results.

Step 3: Be surprised.
Fantasy Quiz Show Host VIII Simon, Sat 30th Oct, 5:25pm
The description of why Roy Walker would be a good cox is genius...
row2K Sarah, Thu 28th Oct, 10:20am
Another HOCR photo, but they won't let you copy this one! (3 comments...)
Settlers of Catan Simon, Sun 3rd Oct, 8:36pm
A game Barnabus road knows too much about...
Coming soon to a crew t-shirt near you? gf, Fri 1st Oct, 1:52pm
DHTML Lemmings! RTT, Wed 29th Sep, 11:04am
I'm sorry. I really am. But I thought if I was doing no work today then noone else should either.
Reverse Chris, Wed 29th Sep, 8:26am
Good game... (4 comments...)
CUCBC Website
http://www.cucbc.orgfrom Richard, Wed 22nd Sep, 9:05am
Is anyone else having trouble accessing the CUCBC website??? (9 comments...)
Eton boy: know your enemy Esther, Fri 17th Sep, 12:38pm
I'm so embarassed.
What the....? Simon, Fri 17th Sep, 8:46am
This should just be a map of SW London but has a mysterious "x" and an arrow seemingly drawn on it... It doesn't seem to appear on the Streetmap version of the same area. Buried treasure? (6 comments...)
No, surely this is a joke Simon, Wed 15th Sep, 9:02am
Do you think we could persuade College to serve these at Boat Club dinner? (2 comments...)
Surely this is a joke? jmg, Mon 13th Sep, 4:59pm
How about the GLC website rendered in rhyming slang? (1 comment...)
What Am I Like? Idealist, Fri 10th Sep, 11:44am
A similar thing was previously discussed here, but as it was on TV last night, I thought it might be fun to revisit.

Answer a few questions and find out which of 16 personality types you fit into, based on whether you are Introvert/Extrovert, Ideas/Facts, Heart/Head, Planner/Spontaneous. Is there a typical rower type?

For the record, I am an Idealist (Introvert, Ideas, Heart, Spontaneous). (35 comments...)
Google for 733+ h4x0rs RTT, Thu 2nd Sep, 1:36pm
Clearly useful (there are loads of other options which you can choose in preferences, like Elmer Fud mode where there are no 'r' or 'l' characters...).
Scots 'like San Marino' dw229, Thu 2nd Sep, 12:49pm
I love it...
The Original First and Third Website Simon, Tue 31st Aug, 8:31am
Look how we've grown! (3 comments...)
Aussies Being Obnoxious (as usual) dw229, Sun 29th Aug, 5:10pm
Well, I suppose they had to big up their ego somehow...especially with next Summer's Ashes coming along :)

Why is it we don't see anything reciprocal in the British press? Could it be we just don't give a shit about them?! (1 comment...)
Athens 2004 Rowing Media Guide Mike, Fri 27th Aug, 8:25am
A must for rowing Stattos everywhere. The media guide for the Olympic Rowing Regatta contains all the info you could wish for on past medal winners and future prospects, the schedule, the venue and the finer points of the rules. It also includes a guide on how to row and a glossary of rowing terms. Nice to see that even for an Olympic Regatta they feel the need for a definition for "crab"... (14 comments...)
First and Third in an encyclopedia! Simon, Wed 18th Aug, 11:10am
Preparing for emergencies
http://www.preparingforemergencie...from esther, Fri 30th Jul, 7:29am
All you really need to know about emergencies in the UK
Harvard at Henley Simon, Mon 12th Jul, 2:26pm
You're rowing at bow, you've just started your race, and your seat is stuck fast. What do you do? (20 comments...)
Time for a new BP1... Simon, Sun 11th Jul, 6:59pm
Could be just right for BPBC...
GB Olympic Rowing Squad dw229, Fri 9th Jul, 9:59am
The ones to watch and a few familiar Cambridge faces.
Lycra wind hoods dw229, Wed 30th Jun, 3:26pm
The inevitable progression to the all-in-one-boat-attached-lycra-bodysuit continues. Just you wait.

Not sure about the foam blocks for the finish though... (1 comment...)
The Sound of the Universe dw229, Wed 23rd Jun, 10:08pm
Watch some of the Quicktime movies - they're cool.
Tideway Slug (again) dw229, Fri 18th Jun, 11:27am
The slug has a couple of interesting news stories this week - one referring to our 2nd VIII and the top one featuring a gym erging style that is reminiscent of both Mycroft/Coker and some of Din's training sessions... :)
Man Beat Horse dw229, Sun 13th Jun, 11:43am
BPBC should enter this next year I think.

Also, does anyone else thing that that This Photo is stonking and sums up FaT's week nicely? :)

We are the one and only... (4 comments...)
Football Badgers! Neil, Fri 4th Jun, 5:13pm
As a scotsman I find this hard to bear.
I prefer seat racing RTT, Tue 1st Jun, 8:19pm
Two Way Cycling On Trinity Street? dw229, Mon 31st May, 11:31pm
I think we should bombard them with emails about how one-way cycling is incredibly annoying...
Never put your photo on the internet Anything to do with being short, Wed 26th May, 9:26am
The title sums this one up well!

Poor chap!
The Alternative Rower Simon, Fri 21st May, 3:13pm
Possibly already linked from here somewhere but worth re-visiting. "Archive" includes many of the cartoons that used to be in Regatta.
That Cool Honda Ad dw229, Tue 18th May, 10:50am
BBC News Photos dw229, Fri 14th May, 11:04pm
Go to number 10 - this is just WRONG
Land training for slackers RTT, Fri 7th May, 5:02pm
Clearly the person who filled in the numbers on the Google Calculator was spectacularly lazy.... (5 comments...)
X-rated Rainbow Richard, Fri 7th May, 4:48pm
The classic children's programme - with some *interesting* dialogue
With the scenes restored Anything to do with being short, Fri 7th May, 4:08pm
Keep watching.

P.S. Try also /24/ for a slightly concerning thing on a similar theme, and /29/ to find out where the Lions are.... (2 comments...)
Daily Mail Headline Generator jmg, Wed 31st Mar, 6:04pm
Save yourself buying the real thing (not that I hope any of you do) by generating random yet worrying plausible Daily Mail headlines.

A favourite of mine so far: "WILL CHERIE BLAIR GIVE YOUR PENSION CANCER?" (1 comment...)
Kid's TV rjm80, Fri 26th Mar, 5:02pm
Looking for a distraction from revision? Look no further... (7 comments...)
Movie Alphabet jmg, Fri 5th Mar, 12:08pm
If you think you know your films (18 comments...)
Airport Fun Neil, Thu 4th Mar, 11:40pm
Pingvin Neil, Sat 28th Feb, 1:31pm
Fun with penguins (11 comments...)
Dante's Inferno Test mjb, Sat 28th Feb, 10:19am
Find out to which level of Hell you belong. (3 comments...)
Rugby games Simon, Fri 27th Feb, 6:39pm
BBC to axe Boat Race coverage jmg, Mon 23rd Feb, 11:14pm
The BBC is going to stop televising the boat race after this year. Clearly this is going to mean a lot less sponsorship money, and probably a resulting drop in standard. Is this going to be good / bad for Cambridge rowing? Discuss :) (3 comments...)
Head of the Trent dw229, Mon 23rd Feb, 12:57pm
Looks like fun...
The Day Today Summaries/Transcripts dw229, Wed 18th Feb, 1:02pm
Is this cool?
Teabag Pyramid Mike, Tue 17th Feb, 11:10am
Doesn't quite rank up there with the legendary beeramid, but in the field of beverage-container constructed wonders of the world it definitely deserves a mention. (1 comment...)
Badger Badger Badger
http://www.badgerbadgerbadger.comfrom mjb, Fri 6th Feb, 6:55pm
I can't believe that no-one's linked to this one yet.
Need sound for full appreciation of the inanity of it all. (9 comments...)
Overheard on the tube... Simon, Fri 6th Feb, 6:30pm
Updated weekly; features a few classic lines.
Stickman Fighting dw229, Sun 1st Feb, 6:19pm
A quick rerun for those who missed the Matrix films... (2 comments...)
Bubble Wrap sat, Tue 27th Jan, 4:19pm
No where near as fun as the real thing!
Lust declared virtue, not vice Mike, Thu 22nd Jan, 1:54pm
Lust has been wrongly branded a vice and should be "reclaimed for humanity" as a life-affirming virtue, according to Cambridge University's Simon Blackburn.

I think this has got to kill any hopes of him getting taken off the incest chart... (8 comments...)
Pingu's Crazy Sledging Matt, Sun 18th Jan, 9:00am
Fun game featuring Pingu and his friends.
Mars Scorecard dw229, Fri 16th Jan, 5:57pm
Odds on men getting to Mars then?
Chavscum Matt, Fri 16th Jan, 4:11pm
A site dedicated to pikeys/townies/chavs/ whatever you want to call them
Hayez Squad gf, Thu 15th Jan, 11:13am
Livin' it large... (1 comment...)
Goasstall Hinterglemm! dw229, Sun 11th Jan, 12:26am
Brings back a few memories for at least a few of us... :)

(Nice intro animation eh?)
RowTV Dubya, Tue 6th Jan, 10:09am
Video of recent regattas online, and older stuff can be ordered on DVD!
Postman Pat Official Site ipe, Wed 17th Dec, 10:19pm
I would like to make an early suggestion for the bop; the trance remix of the theme tune.
Re-open the Bridge
http://petition.savecutterferrybr...from Simon, Tue 16th Dec, 11:48am
Cutter Ferry (Emma Boathouse) Bridge has been shut since November owing to a structural fault, and the County Council are taking quite some time to re-open it. An online petition will make very little difference, but hey...

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