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The Club's Crews

May Term 1999

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1st men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowDan Darley
2Matthew Arnold
3Jonathan Glass
4Rich Dewire
5Al Fisher
6Francis Brown
7David Lowish
strR. P. Stokes
coxJulia Gog
1st women's VIII
in Denys Lawrence
bowCat Cantrell
2R. T. Sheridan
3Rosie Chance
4Cass Chideock
5Anna Ferguson
6Caroline Ng
7Henrietta Pacquement
strEmma Wilton
coxBronwen Evans
2nd men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowDennis Remoundos
2Graham Fisher
3Simon Blackburn
4Mike Goodson
5Rob Sherrington
6Martin Peck
7Chris Ingram
strS. Case
coxKate MacGregor
2nd women's VIII
in Margot
bowLauren Green
2K. M. Howie
3Colette Clement
4Laura Prideaux
5Cat Downie
6Lizzie Pomeroy
7Becca Downing
strEmily Rogers
coxPaula Harrison
bowJon Bevan
2L. O. Robinson
3Andy Stewart
4Dirk Van Heck
5Cliff Swartz
6Dominic Beary
7Dan Wilde
strAlex Marshall
coxRangan Chatterjee
3rd women's VIII
bowR. M. E. Beale
2K. H. M. Sturgess
3Sophia Mealy
4Lucy Cooke
5Lisa Wright
6S. J. Cochrane
7Claire Postlethwaite
strAmritha Kasturirangan
coxKaren Spencer
4th men's VIII
in Black Prince
bowRichard Spencer
2Chris Harding
3Will Thorne
4John Mountain
5Andrew Hogley
6Tom Rose
7John Earl
strDaniel Micklethwaite
coxSophie Rickards
4th women's VIII
bowSarah Teichmann
2Karin Kuhel
3Carrie Hurelbrink
4Sarah Michael
5Emily Shuckburgh
6Paulina Rychenkova
7Nadine Johnston
strJo Rothery
coxMichy Brooks
5th men's VIII
bowSteve Barclay
2James Harris
3Dave Zemmel
4J. R. Mackowiak
5Alex Adamov
6Charlie Crowson
7A. D. Scott
strOlly Tebbutt
coxChris Pidcock
5th women's VIII
bowClaire Wallis
2Lokkei Li
3Claire Slater
4Laura Nicholson
5Geraldine Parsons
6Elini Linos
7Omega Poole
strRachel Amery
coxAarti Shah
bowFabien Wagner
2Frans De Rooij
3Holger Eberle
4Philipp Hiemer
5Jonny Pfautz
6Raj Pannu
7Tomas Bartos
strChristoph Bergemann
coxHarriet Wallace
Templeton's VIII
bowRichard Bayliss
2Alex Barnard
3Piers Walton
4Riyaz Rashid
5Jim Kinnaird
6P. Wagner
7Simon Blakey
strAndy Somers
coxS. K. Haigh
8th men's VIII
bowDave Primost
2Z. Radnai
3H. Ballmann
4Tom Breeze
5A. R. E. Inch
6M. Jinek
7Chris Stone
strG. K. Tan
coxJ. D. Fialko
Novice VIII
bowMark Temple
2Dave Chapman
3Matt Charles
4Phil Norman
5Steve Daws
6James Kenney
7Andrew Backen
strCorin Walford
coxS. M. Knight
2nd Gents VIII
bowC. A. S. Young
2B. H. Simkin
3Damian Smith
4Kal Asrress
5Chris Gasson
6Mike Anderson
7Jonny Isaacs
strChris Pidcock
coxChris Ingram
2nd Grad VIII
bowAdrian Broadhurst
2Michael Bolger
3Ketan Patel
4Nikhil Sharma
5Anthony Dick
6Nicolas Doiron-Leyraud
7Wojciech Basalaj
strDirk Walther
coxCass Chideock

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