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Cat n Buns graphic by Atlantic Rowers - Wed 25th May 2005, 8:51am
Does anyone have a good graphic of the cat n buns as it looks on the flag (not on as stitched on kit). Presumably when the new flag was made someone must have had something for that? Any idea what the official colours are for the blue and gold? (1 replies...)
Grand by Simon - Tue 24th May 2005, 7:37pm
I hear OUBC are entering the Grand... any chance of CUBC doing the same?
Novice Fairbairns Videos by Bryn - Tue 17th May 2005, 10:27pm
I know it's taken a while, but I've finally found out how to get some srcf user space and how to use it. Way back at the time of Novice Fairbairns I took some videos of all the crews and I've now added links to them on the results page. I hope all these links work!

If you want to see what your rowing was like a term ago you can have a look. I have to say that the videos aren't very good and that my newfound computer expertise (yes, that's right) doesn't extend to knowing a way of compressing them, so they're all around 10MB.

And just so that I can get extra practice with links, they're all here as well:

1st novice men's VIII
2nd novice men's VIII
3rd novice men's VIII
4th novice men's VIII

1st novice women's VIII
2nd novice women's VIII
3rd novice women's VIII

It's probably not worth it unless you have a fast connection (which I don't, so I haven't checked if any of this works...). (5 replies...)
Bumps pages by KSS - Fri 13th May 2005, 2:36pm
Is it at all possible to have the bumps pages play the Radio 1 'Top 40' tune on loop when people browse them? Or perhaps just when they are looking at the bumps tables? I think it would add a lot to the site. (2 replies...)
BUSA by Give us some competition!-jo - Tue 10th May 2005, 10:18pm
Hi everyone, was at BUSA last week competing in Novice (ARA novice) events and it struck me that your girls were way better than most of the crews we came up against, especially in the iv+ event. I was suprised that only a few crews from cambridge bothered entering (magdalene and CUW) especially since Durham entered a huuuuge amount of boats. How come so few college crews enter? Discuss. (20 replies...)
Book by AHLF - Sun 8th May 2005, 8:20pm
I'm sure I have seen a book at some point which I thought was by Denys Lawrence which includes all sorts of useful information about Boat Clubs including a chapter on captaincy. Does anyone else have any recollection of such a book, and if so, do you have any information about it? (3 replies...)
Where have all the photos gone? by Amelia - Wed 27th Apr 2005, 9:25pm
Lots of photos of happy smiling post-victory people have been taken this year. Not all of them have made it onto the message boards. Those of us without digital cameras of our own, and who have yet to pay Honey for JET prints, are starved of visual evidence of FaT dominance.

So all of you people out there with relevant boatie photos taking up space on your data sticks, please post them!!
Blades again by no voice - Sun 24th Apr 2005, 8:29am
Congratulations FaT women. Blades again at City of Oxford Bumps.

Death or glory (1 replies...)
London Marathon by mjb - Sat 23rd Apr 2005, 2:49pm
Were there any FaT/BPBC people in the London Marathon on Sunday, other than those listed below ?

So far, I've found times for
Dan Darley         2.54.49
Becca Downing      4.11.47

For Comparison ...
Sir Steve Redgrave 4.21.36
(11 replies...)
Club money by just out of interest - Thu 14th Apr 2005, 1:14pm
Is it the whole comittee who decide what the moeny for the year's going to be spent on, or the overall captain/both captains?
Only because it occurs to me we are quite in need of some new boathouse equipment, ergs [of which 3 of which have some kind of fault/weirdness, four of which are pretty unusable] & sliders? And how about another [even secdon hand] scull [maybe one designed for slightly lighter people :)?] or just magpie being fixed. Oh, and some clams. They're approximately £2 each.. :)
And, further to a conversation I was having the other day, what about some women's croker blades? Also, wouldn't it be worth saving our money and investing in new men's/women's 8s [especially with the demise of bp3] rather than novice shells?
Hope this doesn't start too much of a fight, it is largely out of curiosity, just wondering what the thinking is behind our latest boat buying spree? (28 replies...)
The Committee by RTT - Fri 1st Apr 2005, 9:46am
Having read the forthcoming events info, I am amazed to discover that our Committee is organising nearly everything in the rowing world. Who would have thought that 1+3 ran the Head of the Nene? Or the Pembroke Regatta? Interestingly Guy appears to be kicking up his heels and leaving Simon Blackburn to organise the GoR again this year. What I want to know is, how do they manage? No wonder JW always seems to be awake into the small hours before early morning training!

Also, are they organising Henley this year, and if so
a) Will 1st Trinity get pre-qualified for the Grand as is traditional?
b) Can I get a Stewards pass? (8 replies...)
Boat Race times by Bryn - Mon 28th Mar 2005, 4:25pm
In the build-up to the race on ITV they said that the Boat Race was timed to take place when the stream was at its quickest. But the BBC website says that Goldie beat OUBC by 3s.

So at least one of these has messed up:
(i) ITV (for not knowing about tides)
(ii) the BBC (for not being able to time a boat race)
(iii) Robin Williams (for not being able to pick the fastest crew)
(iv) me (for missing something obvious)

Can someone in the know help me out? (2 replies...)
3rd Annual Pre-Boat Race Pub Crawl by mjb - Sat 26th Mar 2005, 10:31am
Sunday service on the trains, meant I arrived at Putney half an hour late, only to find out that the Duke's Head didn't open until 12 anyway.
The intrepid group of pub crawlers (Ingers, Graham, Bron, Sarah, me) contented themselves with watching some random boats do practice starts off stakeboats on the river next to us until the pub finally decided to open.
Lunch was taken at the Crabtree where Mr. Walker arrived for his habitual late start, followed by Anna and Tom.
A push along the Hammersmith bend saw us acquire various extra hangers-on, including Amelia, Catherine, Becca, Henners and Guy and we made it to Cygnet BC for the Blackburn Bonus Pint around 1730 before completing the course a little after 8pm. Back to Blackburn's for pizzas where Graham, perhaps realising he'd finished the pub crawl, promptly fell asleep.
Hopefully a fun time was had by all.
The justice by Long overdue - Fri 18th Mar 2005, 11:23pm
Is there going to be a Justice meeting this term? Or has there been one that has just passed me by in my post BCD haze? (14 replies...)
FaT Men for Headship by shocked by Caius - Thu 10th Mar 2005, 7:07pm
My Goodness! To help Lilie make up numbers (and finally resurrect my profile on the social scene) I went to formal with the Caius 1st Men last night. Most of them were decent folk, but their captain was pretty much the epitomy of arrogance and the recurring presentation of Headship medals unnecessary. (I apologise for failing the Mission Abduct Dave's Pride by the way.)

I suggest to whomever this may concern post Henley, to incorporate in the 1st Men's Lent training a formal swap with their Caius counterparts. There is so much to be said for a race rowed on pure hatred!
Plea for Pretty Photos by Rich/Dan - Thu 10th Mar 2005, 2:16pm
I'm looking for a photo or two of Cambridge rowing to put into a document that I'm writing. The criteria are:
- Must be taken by a club member (i.e. not Jet, so we can use it without copyright issues)
- Preferably showing people rowing well
- Preferably showing lots of crowds on the bank
- Preferably in summer

Can anybody help?

Separately, if anybody can find a photo thats shows off a company sponsoring one of the boat clubs (e.g. their name very obvious on a splashtop) then that would be fab too. (7 replies...)
Calling mathmo students by Dan - Wed 9th Mar 2005, 4:08pm
Erm, I used to be a mathmo student but sadly am no longer either a student, or any good at maths.
Can any of you give me an equation to link watts with 500m split on an erg (I guess put the split in seconds makes it easier). The concept site has data but no formula...
article=watts_conversion (6 replies...)
w horr vs bumps by jo - Tue 1st Mar 2005, 4:57pm
totally random i know but does anyone know if bumps end on same day as women's tideway? (12 replies...)
Anyone good with Photoshop? by Dan/Rich - Mon 28th Feb 2005, 2:17pm
We're looking for someone who can spare an hour or so and has access to paint/photo software to doctor a picture for us. I don't think this will take too long but neither of us have anything on our computers that will do this (and can't install new stuff at work). If you can help please drop me an email and I'll explain more...
Thanks (5 replies...)
BOP REQUESTS by KSS - Mon 28th Feb 2005, 1:50pm
Anyone got any NEW beats they want to feature in the JPD Lent Bop mix? Rupert will be there so the more we get, the less likely S-Club Juniors will be to appear.

As ever JPD and I will read your requests with interest and then totally disregard them in favour of our own tastes. (4 replies...)
Multicultural crews by Just wondering... - Fri 25th Feb 2005, 10:18am
I'm one of two home students in the 2nd Lent VIII, leaving seven overseas students and a total of six countries represented in the boat (or seven if you count Wales...). Has FaT ever produced such a mutlicultural boat before? (8 replies...)
Chris Harding by Martin - Wed 16th Feb 2005, 12:32pm
Anyone have a contact email address for Chris Harding? (1 replies...)
Bit of a test by Martin - Tue 8th Feb 2005, 3:33pm
Apologies for random posting - just trying out browsing & posting from my new phone. Seems we could be expanding the bumps coverage this year!

Incidentally, my new phone number is 07813 711665 and should be working... (1 replies...)
Women's 'VIIIs' by Bryn - Mon 7th Feb 2005, 3:34pm
Am I the only one surprised by the number of people in all but the 1st women's VIIIs?
CUBC Technique by jo - Tue 14th Dec 2004, 10:38am
I am living under the cloud of DREADFUL technique at uea so i went to have a look at the CUBC technique page that was so good in getting wolfson into shape....and i can't find it! has it disappeared from the cucbc pages forever or is this temporary? Has anyone got any links to other resources similar? its only 4 and a bit months to BUSA!
cheers guys (3 replies...)
Crossing over by Lilie - Sun 5th Dec 2004, 10:38pm
After nearly being crashed into by a city VIII at the cross over point [well ok it wasn't that close but it could have been!] Can I just ask - why? Why, at an arbitrary point in the river do we have switch sides? Seems a bit odd.. and dangerous, to me. (2 replies...)
Bop Requests by jpd - Wed 1st Dec 2004, 11:29am
No S Club Juniors please. (18 replies...)
T-Shirts by Becca - Sun 31st Oct 2004, 1:09pm
This is primarily for the benefit of Tom and John, and relates to a conversation about t-shirt slogans that we had several yrs ago...:
I'm currently rowing with a girl from Oriel. They did come up with the t-shirt slogan: 'L'Oriel, because we're worth it'
ARA library by Simon - Fri 27th Aug 2004, 12:31am
The ARA has copies of old British Rowing Almanacks available for people to look at in Hammersmith. Some of the older ones (e.g. early 1900s) have detailed descriptions of races at Henley and on the Cam involving Trinity boats. If anyone in the club is keen enough to come and look through these and get information (e.g. for this website) then let me know and I shall try to arrange something.
strokesider (female) for S4 eight by Sarah - Mon 9th Aug 2004, 10:26am

I'm currently coaching and coxing the Mortlake intermediate squad. We are going to Stourport Regatta this weekend, but one of the girls is ill so won't be able to come.
the main problem is the eight - on saturday we have a straight final (non-qualifying) at 3.50pm
so is there ANYBODY out there that knows a female with less than 4 points who could help us out?
we could probably manage if you are a bowsider as we have someone who can swap.
Stourport is just south of Birmingham, we could probably pick up someone anywhere en route from SW london

please email me asap if you can help? (3 replies...)
2nd VIII clip by ipe - Wed 30th Jun 2004, 3:24pm
I've put up a video clip of the 2nd Men's VIII doing a practice start, taken by Chris Stone during the May bumps.

It's a 7.3mb mpg file, here (1 replies...)
LARD Top Tens for the year by Lard Man - Thu 17th Jun 2004, 3:46pm
Here we have Top 10 users in the fields of LARD, Items and Lard per Item coefficient


    Name Lard Items Coeff
 1. djh  4680  231   20.3   LARDiest Man, Best Coefficient
 2. cm   3880  430    9.0
 3. jpd  3211  621    5.2   LARDiest Triallist, Most Items
 4. tdc  2996  364    8.2
 5. ccsi 2515  491    5.1
 6. mjb  2460  578    4.3
 7. rb   2402  243    9.9
 8. wat  2254  221   10.2
 9. amd  2212  306    7.2   LARDiest Woman
10. twr  2155  253    8.5   LARDiest Bufty
17. accw 1393  178    7.8   LARDiest Cox


    Name Lard Items Coeff
 1. jpd  3211  621    5.2   LARDiest Triallist, Most Items
 2. mjb  2460  578    4.3
 3. ccsi 2515  491    5.1
 4. agrs 1522  476    3.2
 5. cm   3880  430    9.0
 6. tdc  2996  364    8.2
 7. arr  1344  322    4.2
 8. amd  2212  306    7.2   LARDiest Woman
 9. egh  1638  285    5.7
10. js   1806  266    6.8
11. twr  2155  253    8.5   LARDiest Bufty
13. djh  4680  231   20.3   LARDiest Man, Best Coefficient
19. accw 1393  178    7.8   LARDiest Cox

Coefficient (min. 20 items)

    Name Lard Items Coeff
 1. djh  4680  231   20.3   LARDiest Man, Best Coefficient
 2. hsc  1318   82   16.1
 3. wgk  1689  107   15.8
 4. jwg   987   66   15.0
 5. jwe  1968  142   13.9
 6. riap  601   46   13.1
 7. elt   413   32   12.9
 8. ctmn  623   53   11.8
 9. jl   1064   92   11.6
10. df    371   35   10.6
27. twr  2155  235    8.5   LARDiest Bufty
34. accw 1393  178    7.8   LARDiest Cox
42. amd  2212  306    7.2   LARDiest Woman
53. jpd  3211  621    5.2   LARDiest Triallist
(6 replies...)
May Term Lard by The Lardmeister - Wed 16th Jun 2004, 4:41pm
A new term, and a new LARD competition.
Here's the Lard Standings for the term so far ... :o)
Name  Lard  Items
djh   634    22
rb    298    24
hsc   260    15
ccsi  218    36
jpd   201    17
tdc   159    26
gm    150    12
aml   141    16
arr   137    20
jwe   126     6
js    123    17
wat   109     8
acl    91    11
amd    86    17
agrs   81    10
cema   73    11
rjm    64    11
djtn   62     7
cm     57    12
ad     57    15
twr    56    12
mjb    55    24
pjh    49    10
mhs    48     5
elt    46     7
djb    35     8
sat    34    20
bjg    32     4
wgk    30     5
riap   29     2
hd     24     3
kn     23     1
jl     21     2
sjc    18     4
dw     18    12
jwg    17     2
dn     15     2
csd    12     3
mw     12    14
pks     8    13
rhd     6     1
cc      6     2
epp     6     5
rka     6    32
tf      3     3
(18 replies...)
The Stomp by Anna - Tue 15th Jun 2004, 12:59pm
The Stomp, come to it. Please. I know it means getting up early but you can go back to bed and it's really poor that we're outnumbered by a bunch of tree hugging muppets when there's so many of us.

Tomorrow and Saturday are our chances to make it up so get your arses out of bed and get stomping.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen and GOOD LUCK to all our crews today. (19 replies...)
Camera Found by Martin - Mon 14th Jun 2004, 10:26am
My camera is found. Thank you to everyone who expressed pity or helped to track it down.

It was safely stowed away in a top secret location in Great Court. :-)
drunk lbc SAYS... by glass vandal - Sat 12th Jun 2004, 9:23pm
Mr Law is a legend.
Those of you who didnt see my pink shoes, study the photos. they are legendary.
What a good dinner. nuff sed.

thanks to hattie for dealing with mich-term-me
drunk lbc SAYS... by glass vandal - Sat 12th Jun 2004, 9:21pm
Mr Law is a legend.
Those of you who didnt see my pink shoes, study the photos. they are legendary.
What a good dinner. nuff sed
May Term Bop Requests by KSS - Tue 8th Jun 2004, 11:07am
Get imaginative or else it'll be four hours of S Club Juniors and Belinda! You have been warned... (32 replies...)
Eton boy and his hat by Esther - Fri 4th Jun 2004, 9:39am
Why isn't there a picture of eton boy and his hat anywhere? it seems ridiculous that there isn't one... (5 replies...)
Punting vs. Maggie by Maggie Beater - Fri 28th May 2004, 5:10pm
Thursday 17th of June marks the day when justice will be meted out to all Red Scum everywhere, by proving our superiority on yet another stretch of the Cam. Sign up on the diary page now to enter a crew in the inaugural punting race vs Maggie. They reckon they've got it sorted, so i hope to see a couple of elite squads of punters on the list, to prove FaT greatness [which shouldn't be a problem anyway, as I get to make up the rules :)] (4 replies...)
Can you help please by Dan - Fri 14th May 2004, 12:37pm
Does anyone know if TOPS is still active and if so who is the current president or secretary or whatever? (TOPS = Trinity Outdoor Pursuits Society).
If so either reply to this message or email me direct.
Kit Suggestions by KSS - Sat 24th Apr 2004, 8:38pm
Does anyone have a burning desire for any additional items of kit that are not currently available on the kit order? Speak now... (3 replies...)
Crew Hall by Rupert - Fri 23rd Apr 2004, 10:38am
I need your suggestions for what to do about crew hall this may term, given we can't use the minstrel's gallery. Can we find a room near the kitchens? Or how about a picnic?? (80 replies...)
Google Ranking by dw229 - Thu 15th Apr 2004, 1:42pm
It have recently noticed that typing my full name into Google yields my rower profile as the number one result! Fame at last, amongst all the Daniel Walkers in all the world...

Anyway, is this a general FaT phenomenon and what's changed, other than this site's immense popularity... (19 replies...)
Lent 04 LARD Requests by The Lardmeister - Wed 17th Mar 2004, 2:02pm
I'm going shopping for LARD tomorrow, so if you have any sensible suggestions or old favourites, can you put them down here. (15 replies...)
Celeb Boat Race by Simon - Sun 29th Feb 2004, 9:09am
Oxford won the celeb boat race on the Tideway this afternoon. The crews clashed around Fulham football ground and the race was halted for a restart. Oxford seemed to be coping better with fairly splashy Tideway conditions and moved away to about a length and a half lead by the finish at Hammersmith Bridge. (2 replies...)
Bumps photos online by Amelia - Thu 26th Feb 2004, 12:09pm
Bumps photos taken yesterday and Tuesday can be viewed online at and also at (password CAM). There are some quite good ones, especially individual pictures of the 2nd women after bumping yesterday.
Going to get wet... please help! by Lilie - Fri 20th Feb 2004, 10:15pm
Would anyone like a bit of a laugh? id like to go out sculling, (i guess it's too late to ask for this [thurs] afternoon?) but need a "competent" bank steerer - ditto me and erica in a pair this sunday (this should be especially funny, i would imagine..!) so if any of you want to witness me/me + erica drowning in the cam, please let me know..!
Lilie vlw26
p.s i have quite a nasty timetable, but can do this weekend mostly.. and then i guess after bumps. (3 replies...)
A cox for the 2nd Women by You know you want to, Chris! - Tue 17th Feb 2004, 5:26pm
Ode to Chris Pedder

Thou that hast more experience in steering a boat than God has in guiding the stars,
we beg thee, we plead with thee,
once more amongst the ranks of mortals to cox us.
In this our darkest hour when all have failed us,
it is but the halo of your glory that may lead us to the end of the tunnel.
Reliant we are,
in thy valiance we trust,
our hopes
and our lives
on the river Cam. (20 replies...)
Lent Term Bop Requests by KSS - Mon 16th Feb 2004, 1:22pm
Tell me what you want, I might put it in... (4 replies...)
Please buy me some nice lucozade :) by Berry Fiend - Wed 11th Feb 2004, 12:08pm
please can we have some dark berry lucozade for the lard cupboard?? i like it lots :) (12 replies...)
Topical teaser by Esther - Tue 23rd Dec 2003, 12:12am
Spot the celebraty in the recent Regatta... (1 replies...)
Fairbairns Bop Requests by KSS - Sun 7th Dec 2003, 2:57pm
So then, off you go... (34 replies...)
LARD by Remigo Ergo Edo - Tue 2nd Dec 2003, 11:30pm
The Mich Term Lard Competition is starting to get quite interesting now. With just over two weeks left before the end of term it's anyone's guess as to who will actually walk away with the trophy.
This term there will hopefully be quite a few sub-categories, each of which is elegible for a prize of some kind: Lard King, Lard Queen, Lardiest Cox, Novice Lard King, and Novice Lard Queen, plus anything else I decide to give a prize for.

To be elegible for a prize, all you have to do is keep eating lard and make sure you attend the end-of-term dinner. For those of you to whom this all seems a bit strange, this is how it works :
Each item you buy from the Lard Cupboard in the Boathouse has a LARD rating which is related in some way to its fat content, so if you're trying to catch up, it's time to ditch the Bottled Water and start eating Flapjacks instead. :-))

The top fives (alphabetically) for the five categories as of last week are:

Men : Byrne, Davies, Holland, Ingram, Mycroft.
Women : Dennis, Hadrill-Barratt, Lee(Jenny), Russell, Sampson.
Coxes : Francis, Minch Dixon, Nanayakkara, Powell, Wolf.
Novice Men : Dewbery, Hill, Nicholson, Taylor(Chris), Wong.
Novice Women : Gutteridge, Michlig, Munro, Schaefer, Standley. (27 replies...)
Do you have a colour printer? by Martin - Wed 26th Nov 2003, 11:06am
Does anyone in college have a colour printer and is set up to print photo-quality pictures?

I have a couple of photos I need to print at short notice. Any help would be gratefully received - pls email ( or reply if i could come round this evening to use it. (Will contribute cash and/or paper.)
Catz womens captain's e-mail addres by Becca - Thu 13th Nov 2003, 1:00pm
Hey - does anyone know what Cat's (Catz women's captain) e-mail address is? If you do, could you e-mail it to me at
Bec (situated in Filth)
IVs Head by Hammersmith - Thu 30th Oct 2003, 9:03pm
I'm hoping to be down watching the IVs Head - aside from the FaT crews and JPD's Goldie III, who's rowing and in what starting position? (4 replies...)
New web site features by Martin - Thu 30th Oct 2003, 1:05pm
What do you think of the new stuff on the website? What improvements would you suggest?
I am really keen to hear what people think of the new message board / news stuff on the website - particularly if there are things which you think don't really work.

The one feature I have still to add is the option of including pictures in posts. Is there anything else you want to see or that needs changing? (28 replies...)
Missing Words by RTT - Fri 17th Oct 2003, 8:00pm
Given that HIGNFY is starting again tonight, I thought we could have our own round on the website. So, suggestions please for what might be hidden under the stars:

Another must have *************************, just so he can whip it out in meetings.

Oh and I guess our guest publication ought to be that unmissable monthly magazine known as Regatta (though this is not from said magazine). (3 replies...)
Mich 03 Lard Discussion by JT - Tue 14th Oct 2003, 1:50pm
After a bit of moaning from the Women's IV this morning, I have decided to revive the Lard message thread(s). Any comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome, but be warned that I may not ncessarily take any notice of what you write.
To forestall one potential whinge, I intend to soon put up a prices list. (9 replies...)
Coxing standard by Dubya - Sun 12th Oct 2003, 2:32pm
The email about starting up soc-rowing-coxes again mentions people making requests for coxes to sub into outings should state what "standard" of cox they require. It occurs to me that there is currently no way to quantify this apart from the very inadequate "first boat", "second boat", "third boat" etc which mean different and often random things from college to college and from year to year.

I wonder if we could set up a coxing standards group. We'd get a bunch of reasonable coxes together and make up a coxing standard test for a bunch of classes. I'm thinking along these lines.

Class I. New coxes. Test for this class should require demonstration of COMPLETE knowledge of relevant rules of the river.

Class II. Skilled lower boats cox. Test for this class should require demonstrated ability to steer safely and communicate with other river users (eg observe an outing). Maybe a written or practical test on basic rowing technique from cox's perspective.

Class III. Skilled college cox. Test for this class should require demonstrated ability to cox safely in racing conditions including some bumps experience, plus requirements for previous classes.

Class IV. University level. Should be granted automatically to coxes who get university colors, (upon demonstration of Class II knowledge on the Cam ;). But should also be available to college coxes with substantial off-Cam racing, and pass a test involving coxing a crew of some reasonable standard and getting a pass from that crew. (tbd)

Class V. Really good people. (8 replies...)
Gym erg style guide by Simon - Fri 3rd Oct 2003, 4:51pm
Anyone who has used an erg in a gym during the holidays will have been able to enjoy that smug feeling as you under rate someone on the ergs who just does not know how to row and is flummoxed as you pull splits which are far better than them. This thread is to enable us to contrast and compare "gym erg" technique.

As well as a fantastic piece of skill witnessed at the Indoor champs, with a contestant tapping up at the finish, my particular favourite is someone at my gym in London who manages to use their back twice in every stroke. Pure class. (9 replies...)
Chideock by Julia Gog - Tue 5th Aug 2003, 9:42am
Does anyone have Cass Chideock's current E-mail/real-mail address? If so, can you drop it to me at

Your best ever outing by Simon - Mon 7th Jul 2003, 3:59pm
As it's quiet on the boards...
I've just had a really productive and constructive outing in the 2-, which made me start to wonder what was my best outing (nb not race) ever. Haven't made my mind up yet, but thought I'd set up a thread in case anyone else felt like doing some reminiscing as well. (10 replies...)
"Rowing" - 1904 by Simon - Tue 6th May 2003, 10:56am
From WG East's 1904 book "Rowing" (via The Tideway Slug):

Rowing terms
"SUGARING - Rowing apparently correctly, but avoiding putting in a full share of work."

On training
"rowing stands alone, in that the exercise in the boat, in addition to walking, is all that is required to get the oarsman fit. No ball-punching exercises or dumb-bells should be practised during actual training. Walking and the boat will do all that is required."
"A rowing man should not confine his preparation entirely to the strict traing period, he should keep fairly fit through the winter if he desires to be at his best in the spring and summer. To this end he should row leisurely once or twice a week if convenient and practise ball-punching, skipping and Indian clubs. Indian club swinging is possibly the best of exercises for oarsmen during the winter months"

The day's Routine
"Turn out of bed at 6:30, certainly not later than 7 o'clock. No cup of tea before getting up, nor immediately after rising, as this is most detrimental."

On Boils
"If there is any weakness or impurity in the blood a hard course of rowing will generally bring it out in the form of boils"

On food
"The food at meals should be just whatever one fancies so long as it is plain and wholesome. Pork, rabbit, hare, venison and boiled beef are not allowed. Potatoes must be sparing partaken of. Bacon, shell fish, suet puddings, pastry and cheese complete, I think, the list of banned foods."

On Drink
"Three half-pints of ale a day are, I think, the best and sufficient drink for a man in training. the Varsity crews include a glass of port after dinner, but I think this is a mistake. If any man or crew seems low or stale I advise soup and an extra half-pint of old ale for a day or two, or a glass of champagne on three days in a week"

On 'Staleness'
Staleness at the end of training, say two or three days before the race, is much more serious, but can be cured in a well trained crew by a trip for a couple of days or a weekend to the seaside, with, of course, no rowing during this rest.

On Selecting a Stroke
"good heavyweight oarsmen are generally hard to find, for big, strong men as a general rule are not the best watermen, and do not pull with strength proportionate to their weight. The best weight for a stroke is 11 to 12 stone, over 12 stone a man is apt to be too slow, and few big men are stylish oarsmen"

Rules of racing (1904)
"15. every competitor must wear complete clothing from the shoulders to the knees, including a sleeved jersey (rule 15 is to prevent the use of the objectionable sleeveless jerseys, exposing the naked flanks and armpits, which have been introduced into amateur regattas by oarsmen of questionable status)" (10 replies...)
Small Boats' Races by Interested - Tue 22nd Apr 2003, 4:55pm
Who were the crews who raced in the Foster-Fairbairn Pairs, Fairbairn Junior Sculls, Bushe-Fox Freshmen's Sculls and Women's Championship Sculls today? (1 replies...)
Secretary Manifesto(s) by Acting Secretary - Tue 22nd Apr 2003, 4:44pm
My Manifesto:

I will sort out a cheap dinner, and generally run the club, as well as doing all the other things a secretary should do.

Matt Byrne

"It's a one man, one vote system. And I'm that man." (3 replies...)
Committee cooperation by "webmaster" - Wed 16th Apr 2003, 3:57pm
It is becoming amusing... we've had the men's captain coxing the women's 1st VIII and the women's captain coxing the men, and now the webmaster organising the training camp social event, the JT in charge of race entries, kernigit running the training camp... whatever next?! (3 replies...)
May Term Lard Requests by JT - Sat 12th Apr 2003, 8:49am
It's that time of the year again - the JT is off to buy even more lard for your consumption.
As he has exams, the lard cupboard will not be re-stocked again until the middle of May, so you have until Tuesday to get those requests in.
Let's play... by Lilt - Sat 5th Apr 2003, 8:56am Matthew Byrne in the Bumps Programme. (14 replies...)
BP II by esther (never coxing again) - Sun 30th Mar 2003, 1:48pm
Am I being really blonde and stupid or does BPII's stern sit really low in the water? Now i'm not suggesting you have fat chuffer coxes but is this true or have I felt safe in the coxes seat for too long?

example (doubt it will work: am very dense)
/frames/photos/2002/lent2002m2.shtml?3 (7 replies...)
New Head of the Lent's board by Guy - Mon 17th Mar 2003, 10:30pm
I don't go to the boathouse very often these days so I only noticed it yesterday. I think it's hilarious. Three years to get and it's still wrong. It's so First and Third. Brilliant. (4 replies...)
Lent Term Lard Requests by Lardy Heifer - Fri 7th Mar 2003, 5:53pm
After listening to my whinging about lack of savoury items in the lard cupboard today, Matt suggested that I started a new thread for us all to request lard, much like requesting bop songs. Only obviously for lard rather than bop songs. I want more savoury things, like crisps, twiglets, mini packets of pringles etc. There are probably more but I can't think at the moment. (17 replies...)
Bumps trends by Dr. Pepper - Wed 26th Feb 2003, 12:42pm
Just been looking at the comparison of Lent Bumps positions. The 4th VIII have had quite a roll. Anyone know the last time they were in the 3rd Lents division? Well done on crossing a division boundary today guys. (4 replies...)
Lent Term Bop Requests by MC B Rabbit - Fri 21st Feb 2003, 12:08am
The musical marvel that is the bop will be upon us before too long, and unless you want me and Becca to inflict our sordid tastes on you, then you should start thinking of some songs! (24 replies...)
Trivia by pub quiz, hotshot - Thu 2nd Jan 2003, 10:01am
Last night a small deposition from BPBC took part in a pub quiz in Borough. See how you fare on the end-of-quiz accumulator...

1) What does STOL stand for?
2) What is the collective noun for rhinoceroses?
3) Of what is St Clare the patron saint?
4) What is the derivation of the word "posh"?
5) What does VTOL stand for? (46 replies...)
Mich Term Bop Requests by Optimistic - Wed 11th Dec 2002, 6:59pm
Just thought I'd get in early Iain. Can we have "Move in a little closer baby" by Mama Cass? Listen to it. It's not as slow as the title sounds. (48 replies...)
Site visitors by mcp - Wed 11th Dec 2002, 5:42pm
Tom the other day remarked on the very large number of people visiting our site via Google web searches. The monthly stats reports around 800 hits in the last month alone.

Out of interest I have looked at the log files for the record of what these people have been searching for - here is the list since 1 am on the 8th (hits from or, not including google images or google groups):

rowing photography
members incest
katie friedman
national watersport centre nottingham
caius boat club
jet photographic
ben coates info website
winter 1280 x 1024
dinner playlist
autumn 1024
graham fisher peterborough
chris pidcock
andrew fisher trinity college
fairbairns st johns
rich dewire black prince
trinity college coleman accomodation
jet photographic may bumps
jet photo cambridge
j cazorla
college crews
navin dasigi
comedy rowing
jet photographic
kamil szczegot
cambridge rowing triathlon
parties photos college
a lee captain trinity
motorway disasters
head of the river rowing races
hammersmith rowing head of the river
disasters mpeg
cambridge winter head photos 2002
nail biting photos
women's henley
black prince boatclub
sexy parties photos
rowing coach job description
flash splash 1600 1200
hung balls
kamil szczegot
floods october 2001
fairbairns results cambridge
cambridge winter head photos
women's twat
j2o fruit drink
fairbains photos
old etonian club
fairbairns regatta results 2002
msi ms-6378 atx
jet photographic
rowing equipment rigger jigger
HRM a brief history
first and third trinity boat club
coxing calls
fashion socks
henry adams rowing
rebecca beale
rowing training
first and third tbc
fairbairn cup rowing photos 2002
first and third trinity
alex barrett cambridge (3 replies...)
Summer Racing by Martin - Thu 1st Aug 2002, 11:24pm
Thanks, Graham, for putting up a few details of Molesey Regatta... Did anyone go to St Neots in the end? (3 replies...)
Cox needed by Simon - Tue 9th Jul 2002, 1:57pm
If any coxes reading this are in London on Thursday night and fancy taking out a WS4 4+ for a practice, then please get in touch. Tideway experience useful but not essential.
A Plea by A Beggar - Mon 1st Jul 2002, 11:34am
Has anyone got lower boats zephyrs that I and possibly a couple of other members of the 4th VIII borrow for the bumps....?
I/we'd be much obliged! (11 replies...)
Best Computer Games of all time by Chris - Tue 18th Jun 2002, 4:23pm
Seeing the excitement being caused by various computer games being posted has reminded me of a thought I was having the other day as to the best computer games of all time. I invite everyone to submit their favourite 5 computer games (in order) of all time. (19 replies...)
Suicide Sunday by Out of the loop - Sun 9th Jun 2002, 7:20pm
What are people doing on Suicide Sunday this year?
Elections by Anna - Wed 15th May 2002, 10:01pm
Come on people. We need more candidates standing for the posts on the committee. I can understand that you're all intimidated by the fantastic job this year's committee have done. I know it'll be hard to live up to the standards we have set with our wit, charm, grace, organisational brilliance and general greatness but I think there are people out there who could possibly take over the mantle and even (sharp intake of breath) do as well as we have. I know it's exam term and no-one wants to get into a serious long term relationship now but the committee is a loving partner, it's there for you when you're down, it revels in you successes and when you get carried away and mess up, it helps you get over this and move on to better things.

The more cynical among you can even put it on your CV to make you look good (though I think using partners like that is disgraceful).

Go on, you know you want to. Everyone needs someone to love.

For more info contact me (Anna) on am407. (3 replies...)
The 3rd VIII need nicknames........ by Cox wannabe, and Chief T-Shirt Buyer - Tue 5th Mar 2002, 1:41pm
Fellow boaties, the 3rd VIII require some amusing nicknames for their forthcoming T-shirts. If you would like to add any and all of your suggestions here, they will be considered in due course for suitability. (6 replies...)
Lents m1 video by Martin - Tue 5th Mar 2002, 10:43am
Ok, so I'm bored.

The CUCBC message boards have links to videos of Saturday's racing - and in particular m1 around Ditton.
Did an estimate of the ratings of the various crews coming around the corner - spot the highest ;-)
Caius    36.5
LMBC     34
Emma     35
1 & 3    37.5
Christs  34.5
Downing  35
Jesus    34
Tit Hall 33.5
Robinson 34
Catz     33.5
(2 replies...)
Kit by Tomos - Mon 4th Mar 2002, 3:30pm
Does anyone have a 1st & 3rd splash top that they don't wear any more (eg. because they have a Black Prince one or something), they they'd be willing to sell? I'm not too concerned about getting a pristine new one, just something to keep the mud off if I do any more umpiring.

I know this is a cheeky request, but it was extremely successful in getting me a zephyr top last term, and at least I'm not abusing the email list this time... (11 replies...)
Quotes page needs trimming by Dubya - Fri 22nd Feb 2002, 12:53pm
The quotes board is for "classic" quotes, but it has a lot of rubbish on it at the moment. I think we should have a second, moderated, quotes page, which contains only the most classic quotes, ie ones which have more than passing significance. e.g., "pick it up for the last kilometre", or "bench-press to victory", or "Stroke five, full square, ready go", or "I am so smooth" (3 replies...)
Skimmed Milk by Simon - Tue 12th Feb 2002, 10:44am
Skimmed milk is just water with white colouring. Does anyone actually like it?
And if not, why do members of the club keep buying it when visitng SW15? (2 replies...)
The Justice by the webmaster - Wed 6th Feb 2002, 6:33pm
Mr Glass, Mr Talbott and I have almost finished the minutes from December's Justice meeting; publication is imminent.

However, I've been vaguely rooting around for various other bits of Justice info to publish at the same time; e.g. I have got emails sent during its creation and minutes from the 1st meeting etc. I even found the proposed logo.

Am I right in thinking there have been 3 meetings? If so, were there ever any minutes or a record of the 2nd one, in December 2000? If anyone finds such things loitering in their inbox, I would like to include them. Although I was absent, I gather that Fisher, G. and Ingram, G. were the Law Lords.... (4 replies...)
Locker Allocation by Kernigit - Fri 1st Feb 2002, 11:39am
John has sent an email out suggesting a policy for locker allocation in which he asks for comments.
My opinion on the matter is that lockers should be given to those people who spend most time at the boat club not on some random lottery. After all the people who spend most time at the boat house will need to keep more stuff at the boat house (e.g. kit, towels, water bottles, maxim, training logs....).
The easiest way that I can see to do this is to look at the speed / ability of oarspeople, although another argument would be to measure improvement.
Another point that should be made is that if people who are heavy users of the boat house are to be deprived of lockers it might be an idea to be more tolerant to kit / other belongings which is left in the changing rooms - i.e. they can't be thrown away at the first possible opportunity!

What does everyone else think? (3 replies...)
Music by The opinion of the entire Baltimore school board - Sat 29th Dec 2001, 4:43pm
I note that Jesus' website ** includes a useful .mp3 file of 80 x 30-second snippets of music, loosely suitable for circuits (ranging from Gorillaz to Duran Duran and the "twisty Levis" ad to B*witched). Anyone able to equip the FaT site with somethjing similar, but more musically credible. It would be good desk-listening music for bored employees and also useful for next Term's FaT circuits. Anyone got any ideas of how we'd replay it in the BH?

** that's the Cambridge College, not the spiritual icon. Although, if it were the laatter, it WOULD add succour to the claim that "God is a DJ". (10 replies...)
Snow by Simon - Wed 26th Dec 2001, 4:06pm
Oh wow, it's snowing on the front page of the website (tables view). How cool.
Gawd bless you Tiny Tim, etc.

OK, the BBC1 trails at the moment feature some toys - a dinosaur, a car, and a white dog with black ears. The dino represents "The Lost World" (Christmas Day, BBC1), the car is a Robin Relliant from "Only Fools and Horses" (Christmas Day, BBC1) and the fact that they are toys represents "Toy Story" (Christmas Day, BBC1). So what's the white dog with black ears from? Or is it just a white dog with black ears?
1st & 3rd vs BPBC by FAT BOY - Sat 1st Dec 2001, 12:05pm
Black Prince Boat Club - comprising FaT old boys, have 2 VIIIs entered in Fairbairns.
I have two prizes up for grabs!
I'll award a bottle of wine (no promises regarding quality but it won't be the cheapest I can find) to the person who most closely predicts the time deficit of BPBC I to the FaT 1st VIII over the Fairbairns course.
Secondly (this is more difficult), another bottle of wine (cheaper!) to the person who most closely predicts the difference between the two clubs of the combined 1st and 2nd VIII times.
My conditions are that the BPBC crew lists are declared (could someone enlighten us? Our 2nd VIII crew list will be on-line as soon as it is decided), and it would be useful to have some idea of what equipment you will be using....
Everyone's final prediction made between now and exactly 2 hours before the 1st race will be considered! (33 replies...)
BPBC vs Gonville by Dubya - Mon 26th Nov 2001, 7:17pm
Aside from the predicted quickness of Boar's Head, BPBC has another rival -- a club that beat them on Tideway last March. Gonville BC. A pint to whoever predicts the time difference between Gonville BC and BPBC I most accurately.
The old websites by mcp - Wed 21st Nov 2001, 12:45pm
People may be interested in seeing the two preceding versions of the FaT website which I have kept for posterity:
pre 1999
1999 - 2000
Various bits and pieces remain from even the first incarnation.
Fisher Ergo Sweepstake by ccsi - Mon 19th Nov 2001, 1:28pm
The legendary 'Standard Deviation Fisher' is doing his first 2k in 2.5 years. But how long will it take?
(9 replies...)
JCBC show respect for the bananamen by dw229 - Sat 17th Nov 2001, 10:03am
Ah...finally someone from JCBC has owned up to what we already knew about last year's Fairbairns (from the CUCBC msg board):

"Jesus 1st Novice boat hold the record for novice fairbairns, 9:13 i think, but this was done with a large amount of help from the stream. They were also very lucky that FaT novices requested to row in the afternoon, which just happened to be when the stream had died down considerably."
Uni IVs results by mcp - Fri 2nd Nov 2001, 10:21pm
Am I right in thinking that the 1st IV gave the winning Christ's crew their closest result of the week?
Am I right in thinking that the 1st IV gave the winning Christ's crew their closest result of the week? (2 replies...)
River flooding by mcp - Tue 23rd Oct 2001, 1:11pm
Here we go again.... has anyone been down at the boathouse today yet - what's it like?
For those who don't know, the river was lapping in to the boathouse again last night. (There was a foot of water in the bays last February, but hadn't been seen for years before that.) What's it looking like today?? I've heard reports that the Anchor pub has been under water again.... (5 replies...)

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