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Lent Term 2007

1st women's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (1st division)

2nd fastest college women's VIII
Time: 22:21
Building on our solid pieces in the Friday practice outing, we managed to row with length and consistent rhythm despite the bad conditions. The race downstream was uniformly solid, but the combination of fatigue and headwind briefly took the edge off our rowing in the third quarter of the second leg. Even so, we beat all the other women's crews in our division - the comedy start order meant we were within a length and a half of the "overbump". Jesus, rowing in an earlier division, posted a faster time, but we've definitely showed the opposition who to look out for this term. (Magnus)

1. Plough reach
2. Bow three look tired...
3. Heading for the plough

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Head of the Nene (S3 8+)

56th overall, 5th in S3, 1st college VIII
Time: 18:59
Many are met here
Manfully striving;
Wave-ploughs warring
Cleave through the water.

Red and black blades
Are rent by the roaring
Lioness; hungry,
She longs for more prey.

Straining their sinews,
Clare spy her stalking;
Faintly they struggle
Their fate to forfend.

Blade shall meet blade
Ere the raising of banners;
Victor and vanquished
The Valkyrie chooses.

(from the Poetic Edda) (Magnus)
There's no way I can top that! (Jane)
According to the results below we beat Tit Hall M1 (9th in M1) and Clare M2 - very pleasing. (Amelia)
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Robinson Head (1st division)

Fastest women's VIII
Time: 9:21
NICE! Ra Ra 1st & 3rd!
Bring on bumps :D I hope Emma, Caius and Clare are preparing to move swiftly downwards.. Double headship anyone? Donkeys for everyone!

Donkeys are only for when you do especially well. I thought 4/4 FaT victories was probably almost worth donkeys. I really will buy you a donkey if you go head :) Doesn't mean you have to let them row for you.. (Joff)
No one mentioned anything about donkeys... I've always wanted one as a pet. xxxxx (Danielle)
Good work girls. Now's the time to gear up properly. (Tom C)
A good race. Many things to improve, but committed and reasonably neat, barring the odd wobble.

Also nice to put 17 seconds between us and Emma, though it's a shame the other main competition this term chose not to enter.

Lilie, what on earth do we want donkeys for? They would bring the crew average weight down :o/ (Erica)

1. Fastest women's VIII
2. FaT and the Robinson...
3. Yep still posing and...

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Pembroke Regatta (1st division)

1st round
Beat Peterhouse by 1 length
Quite possibly our worst rowing ever. Terrible first stroke led to us never really finding our rhythm, but somehow we managed to spack our way past them and into the next round. (Jane)
Yea, awful. (Lyns)
2nd round
Beat Catz by several lengths
Much better. Some stern words after the first race followed by proper pre-race preparation meant we nailed the first stroke and never let up after that. Left Catz wallowing in our wake well before the railway bridge. (Jane)
Good start, and a nice rhythm. Much closer to what we should be looking for. (Lyns)
3rd round
Beat Emma by a length
A pretty tough race, but a good'un. Another pretty good start, despite the marshals thinking it was funny to sound the hooter at the same time as they asked us if we were ready. We were well up by the railway bridge, panicked a bit when they came back at us on their corner, but pulled away nicely towards the finish. Properly knackering though! (Jane)
I think it was on the way up to this one that we got the comments 'Oooo who's that?? - They look relatively well sat'. Made me smile. As did the result of this one. Needed to be a little stronger mentally as we went under the bridge, but otherwise good. (Lyns)
Semi finals
Beat Caius by a length or two...
Finally exorcised the demons! Another good start and a solid row with some good rhythm. Especially pleasing to win by this much without having to unleash any killer pushes. (Jane)
Lost to Jesus by 1 length
Damn. After building up to this race all day, it was pretty gutting not to win. Nothing particularly bad on our part, they just went faster. (Jane)
A real shame. Still, we know we have some more work to do, and we have the time to do it. (Lyns)

1. Beating Catz

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Lent Bumps

Bumped Emmanuel
Good solid bump on Grassy. Caius (2 in front) had been a worry, but in the race Emma made little ground on them so all was well. (Martin P)
Going into this race it looked like being make-or-break for us. Emma were evidently a better crew than Caius and likely to bump out at some stage, so it was a question of catching them before they caught the crew ahead. If we hadn't made this bump, it would have used our get-out-of-jail-free card (the extra day) very early on, putting us under some pressure.

We nailed the first few strokes and shot off the blocks, closing to a length almost before Iain could raise the whistle to his mouth. An awesome start which broke Emma; we continued to walk through them and they conceded just out of Grassy.

I think after this race I knew we would make the Headship. With three days to take two places and a confident and buoyant crew, we had the best chance possible. (Erica)
Good stuff. Still lots of work to do this week though... (AmeLia)
To rephrase the gibberish I came up with earlier in more coherent fashion -
a) fucken' legends the lot of you! (look will, no actual swearwords there;)) Guy told me that I'm going to have a tough time getting in the may VIII :S
b) you are way too keen. save tomorrow's bump till the reach. or at least give me a better estimate of how fast you're going to hit them!
c) heheh, i'm SO glad you bumped emma ;)
d) you guys are unstoppable now - go get that headship - you all deserve it, it's been many years of hard work coming!

What more can I say, but wooooooooohooooooooo!! (Jane)
Fantastic start! Wish I could be there this week... (Pia)
Bumped Caius
And again, woooooooooooooo!!!!!!
Wish I could've been there. (Jane)
Held station with Caius whilst they went all-out for a bump on Clare. Caius closed to half a length on Clare at about Grassy and then faded - bumped out of Ditton. (Martin P)
Super stylish - why bother to actually hit them when you can just overtake? i'm SOOO excited about today (Friday)!
WOOOOOOOOOOO - donkeys for everyone! (nearly..) (Joff)
Further crew illness worries. Amelia had been unwell at the weekend, Lynsey on Tuesday. Today, Jane turned up to our morning paddle looking distinctly pale and feeling queasy, and was sent home to bed. By lunchtime she had been throwing up and felt worse, so Jo was drafted in from the second eight to sub.

The row down was decent and Jo fitted straight back in to W1 in the 4 seat. Chesterton was a rather depressing place to marshal, as we attempted not to watch a Robinson rower chucking up his (seemingly very large) lunch into the river after rowing over. The crew plague had spread further than we realised - Catherine was sick at Chesterton, but did her best to hide it from the rest of the crew (only myself and Amelia realised).

Given all this, it's unsurprising that our start was not the best we have done. We took longer than usual to settle into the race, with some wobbles in the gut. Coming into Plough Reach, we found our rhythm and suddenly, from calls of "on station", we were somehow magically at a quarter-length coming into the corner. Magnificent cornering gave us a considerably tighter line as Caius swung out wide to avoid (postpone) the bump. Sticking to his guns, Magnus steered us down the racing line on the Reach, and we had over half a length of overlap without concession before we finally moved across to take them down.

As we pulled in to the bank, Jesus bumped Emma right next us. They are a good crew looking to blade in parallel with us - hope we can continue sending crews down to them.

Crew pasta cancelled in an attempt to avoid further spread of the vomiting bug. (Erica)
Bumped Clare
Oh my goooooood! You girls are soooooo awesome!!!!!! I am so happy I am going to pop! I wish I was there to see you in person but at least I was listening live! Congratulations! Keep it strong tomorrow. YAY!!! (Julijana)
Bring on the double headship! (Smiley Mark)
Legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Anything to do with being short)
Result! (Matt)
At risk of getting repetitive: woooooooo!!!!!
I'm still pinching myself. Can't believe we really did it. Us, head???!!! (Jane)
Good strong start saw the crew move up rapidly. By Grassy the gap was down to a canvas and further reduced to just a couple of feet by the exit of the corner with a good inside line from Magnus. This awesome and dominant row was finished off in style with the crew drawing partially alongside Clare to bump them at the Plough.

Very many congratulations to the crew and to all their predecessors over the past 4 years, who have achieved what must surely be the most dramatic rise to the Head of the River of all time. From a position of 15th in 2002, today was the culmination of a rise of 13 places over 12 consecutive days racing in the Lents.
2003 Up 1, bumped New Hall
2004 Up 1, bumped Queens
2005 Up 6, bumped Christ's, Churchill and Newnham, overbumped Girton
2006 Up 3, bumped LMBC, Jesus and Downing (Martin P)
Jane and Catherine back on form, if not at full strength. Good to have a full crew back.

This is what we'd been waiting for all term. The Headship ours to take; we wanted to take it in style. Another good start and we gained a lot of ground on the corners. Clare tried to avoid the bump in the same way as Caius, by steering out of the racing line. We stuck to it and again made considerable overlap before Clare conceded the Headship outside the Plough. Much jubilation. (Erica)
Rowed over Head
another boat burning video, complete with chanting! (Kristina)
This is to the whole Club, but seems most appropriate for me to submit to W1...

Just looking at all the reports and pictures at work and I started crying a little, oops. So happy this was achieved, I feel rewarded for all the time invested in the Club.

Absolutely fantastic results throughout the Club. Thanks for capitalising on all your potential. (Pia)
Link to boat burning video from last night. Very very poor quality. (Julijana)
We anticipated that Clare, behind, would go off hard in a last-ditch effort to reclaim the Headship before being bumped by Jesus. So it happened; they made some ground off the start and closed to around a length before fading into the distance.

As we pushed out of Ditton, to huge noise from the banks, it became clear that Clare were not going to appear behind us. The row over as Head would not be pressured at all. A beautiful day and we took the opportunity of clear water to do another great race piece almost to the line, marred only by a small incident with a log causing Julia to lose her blade completely, leaving it floating in the water behind us. Catherine at 7 stroked us across the line. (Erica)

1. Women keen to get on...
2. Arriving back at the...
3. Setting of on lap of...

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Women's Head of the River Race (Senior3 VIIIs)

Time: 20:22.03
Beat CUW III, and fastest Oxbridge College. 12th of 66 finishers in Senior 3. (Simon)
Not bad for 20 minutes of 'tea-stirring' (to quote Emily). This was definitely not our best row ever - we'd been having problems adjusting to rowing head-race style rather than bumps style, and these were exacerbated by the fast stream and tail wind. It was a bit surprising to overtake Caius during the race (though the results indicate that they must've been way off form), and our conclusion at the end of the race was just 'OK', so it was very satisfying to see how our time compared to the other colleges, Blondie, and our hated junior rivals Headington School! (Jane)
Bufty Dad says massive congrats on two awesome FaT performances.
Congrats from me also - a great result from both boats! (And at least you didn't beat the lightweights..! :S) (Joff)
Really not bad at all - certainly not our best rowing ever, but I think the hard training we have done this year really showed through in the longer race. Overtaking always helps, too! Top college crew by some way (although a slightly disapppointing turnout, and some crews noticeably off-pace even from two weeks ago). And of course, fantastic to beat Blondie, even if only by a second. Very satisfying. A pity we couldn't have done the race in our full Lents crew, but thanks to Emily for being an excellent sub and well done Corinne for the medals at BUSA judo! (Erica)

1. Grrr...
2. Catching...
3. Coming forwards

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