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The Club's Results

Head of the Nene, Lent Term 2007

1st women's VIII (S3 8+)

Coxed by: Magnus Jones

56th overall, 5th in S3, 1st college VIII
Time: 18:59
Many are met here
Manfully striving;
Wave-ploughs warring
Cleave through the water.

Red and black blades
Are rent by the roaring
Lioness; hungry,
She longs for more prey.

Straining their sinews,
Clare spy her stalking;
Faintly they struggle
Their fate to forfend.

Blade shall meet blade
Ere the raising of banners;
Victor and vanquished
The Valkyrie chooses.

(from the Poetic Edda) (Magnus)
There's no way I can top that! (Jane)
According to the results below we beat Tit Hall M1 (9th in M1) and Clare M2 - very pleasing. (Amelia)

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