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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2007

1st women's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Magnus Jones

1st round
Beat Peterhouse by 1 length
Quite possibly our worst rowing ever. Terrible first stroke led to us never really finding our rhythm, but somehow we managed to spack our way past them and into the next round. (Jane)
Yea, awful. (Lyns)
2nd round
Beat Catz by several lengths
Much better. Some stern words after the first race followed by proper pre-race preparation meant we nailed the first stroke and never let up after that. Left Catz wallowing in our wake well before the railway bridge. (Jane)
Good start, and a nice rhythm. Much closer to what we should be looking for. (Lyns)
3rd round
Beat Emma by a length
A pretty tough race, but a good'un. Another pretty good start, despite the marshals thinking it was funny to sound the hooter at the same time as they asked us if we were ready. We were well up by the railway bridge, panicked a bit when they came back at us on their corner, but pulled away nicely towards the finish. Properly knackering though! (Jane)
I think it was on the way up to this one that we got the comments 'Oooo who's that?? - They look relatively well sat'. Made me smile. As did the result of this one. Needed to be a little stronger mentally as we went under the bridge, but otherwise good. (Lyns)
Semi finals
Beat Caius by a length or two...
Finally exorcised the demons! Another good start and a solid row with some good rhythm. Especially pleasing to win by this much without having to unleash any killer pushes. (Jane)
Lost to Jesus by 1 length
Damn. After building up to this race all day, it was pretty gutting not to win. Nothing particularly bad on our part, they just went faster. (Jane)
A real shame. Still, we know we have some more work to do, and we have the time to do it. (Lyns)

1. Beating Catz

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