First and Third Trinity Boat Club
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Mich Term 2006, by crew

Pictures Arranged by Crew

1st men's VIII

1. Approaching the finish
2. Finish in sight
3. Passing Trinity boat...

1st women's VIII

1. Paddling home
2. Back under Chesterton
3. It would have been f...

2nd men's VIII

1. Pretty tidy paddling
2. Humour at 4
3. Henrik at stroke in ...

2nd women's VIII

1. Paddling home
2. Backsplash
3. Back under Chesterton

1st men's novice VIII

1. Dodgy Sepia
2. PJ debates wonders w...
3. Seb shows his needle...

1st women's novice VIII

1. On the drive
2. Catches together
3. Finishes out

2nd men's novice VIII

1. 2nds show their blad...
2. Matt shows his skills
3. 1st and 2nd Novice Men

2nd women's novice VIII

1. Paddling
2. Coming home under Ch...
3. A bit of tiredness c...

3rd men's novice VIII

1. Coming into and at t...
2. At Chesterton on the...

FaT/Homerton 3rd women's novice VIII

1. There's an imposter ...
2. Going home
3. Another rowing photo

4th men's novice VIII

1. One last push
2. On the drive
3. Approaching the rail...

BPBC 1st men's VIII

1. BPBC M1 from the bridge
2. BPBC M1 from the bridge
3. BPBC M1 from the boa...

BPBC 1st women's VIII

1. BPBC W1 from the bridge
2. BPBC W1 from the bridge
3. BPBC W1 from the boa...

BPBC 2nd men's VIII

1. BPBC M2 from the bridge
2. BPBC M2 from the bridge
3. BPBC M2 from the boa...

Light IV

1. Light IV down plough...

1st men's IV

1. Winning men's IV fro...
2. Winning men's IV fro...
3. Winning men's IV fro...

1st women's IV

1. Now with scarves and...
2. Winning women's IV f...
3. Winning women's IV f...

2nd men's IV

1. 2nd Men's IV

3rd men's IV

1. Paddling
2. 3rd Men's IV


1. Amelia and Catherine
2. Catherine and Amelia
3. Catherine and Amelia

Miscellaneous pictures

1. Dr Holland rowing wi...
2. 'Pimp my blades'
3. Phil and sneering Bryn

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