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Mich Term 2003, by crew

Pictures Arranged by Crew

1st men's VIII

1. Bow 7 are late again...
2. "Let's see how ...
3. Strokeside try to co...

2nd men's VIII

1. The Lazy VIII from C...
2. Gentlemanly Rowing
3. Super-Gents' VIII

3rd men's VIII, Gradish VIII

1. Gradishes at the catch
2. Grads at the Start
3. The Gradishes at the...

4th men's VIII, Gent's VIII

1. Just Over Halfway
2. Gents splashing at t...
3. The Real Gents

1st men's novice VIII

1. At Chesterton
2. At the start
3. Stern 4

1st women's novice VIII

1. Cornering under Ches...
2. Rachel leaning into ...
3. Starting

2nd men's novice VIII

1. Chesterton
2. Passing the boathouses
3. At the start

2nd women's novice VIII

1. At Chesterton
2. Speeding away from t...
3. Round 2

3rd men's novice VIII

1. At Chesterton
2. Starting off
3. Powering Up the Reach

3rd women's novice VIII

1. Tom Straightens Up
2. Coker takes the corn...
3. Recovery

4th men's novice VIII

1. Chris checking behind
2. At the start

BPBC Head Of The Charles Crew

1. Black Prince taking ...
2. Starting

BPBC 2nd men's VIII

1. BPBC II from the bridge
2. A couple of strokes ...

Light IV (bow steers), Racing in Richard du Parq

1. Light IV
2. Will was confused. S...
3. At the Plough

1st men's IV, Stern IV

1. Moving well off the ...
2. Stern IV at the start

1st women's IV

1. At Emma Footbridge
2. 1st Women's IV
3. Club Photo 3

1st men's coxed IV

1. Bow IV powering down...
2. Peterhouse easing ou...
3. Turning into Grassy ...

2nd men's coxed IV

1. Crew pose
2. Relaxing near the ra...
3. Moving into the last...

Grad IV

1. Powering up the reac...
2. Racing on the Reach
3. Lit by the sun in th...

Miscellaneous men's IVs

1. 2nd IV

BPBC Head of the Charles Crew

1. BPBC Going For Gold
2. Bowside corner...
3. Approaching Cambridg...

BPBC 1st women's IV

1. BPBC, moving a lot f...

Unknown crew

1. Mary Gwyneth post-tr...
2. Mary Gwyneth on the ...

Miscellaneous pictures

1. Tom licking his pole
2. John enjoying Dan's ...
3. Tom starting the New...

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