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Mich Term 1999, by crew

Pictures Arranged by Crew

1st men's VIII

1. 1st VIII chatting
2. 1st VIII racing
3. 1st VIII still racing

1st women's VIII

1. 1st women racing
2. 1st Women racing
3. 1st Women racing

1st men's novice VIII

1. Returning home on th...
2. Returning home on th...
3. Racing by Downing b.h.

1st women's novice VIII

1. No wonder they didn'...
2. Racing by Downing b.h.
3. Still not going anyw...

2nd men's novice VIII

1. Early symptoms of ca...
2. Returning home aroun...
3. Racing past Emma, al...

2nd women's novice VIII

1. Racing past Emma Boa...

4th men's novice VIII

1. The Iron Maiden isn'...

1st men's IV

1. Misery on the Tideway!
2. Pushing hard up the ...
3. Pushing hard on the ...

1st women's IV

1. 1st women's IV on th...
2. Racing on the Reach

2nd women's IV

1. Racing on the Reach
2. Women's 2nd IV racing

Miscellaneous pictures

1. Dennis, Rachel and t...
2. Tom Rose
3. An interloper in the...

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