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Photo Gallery

May Term 2001, by crew

Pictures Arranged by Crew

1st men's VIII

1. Rounding Grassy
2. Some shocking rowing...
3. Formal Crew Photo

1st women's VIII

1. Driving the boat dow...
2. At the Catch
3. Formal Crew Pose

2nd men's VIII

1. Being close down by ...
2. 2nd VIII
3. 2nd VIII performing

2nd women's VIII

1. Rowing Over
2. First Post Reach
3. With Greenery - in t...

3rd men's VIII

1. Smiling for the camera
2. Rounding Grassy
3. First Post Corner

3rd women's VIII

1. First Post Reach
2. Informal Crew Photo
3. Formal Crew Photo

4th men's VIII

1. A bit splashy, but m...
2. Stroke 5 ... Full Sq...
3. Chasing Magdalene fo...

4th women's VIII

1. First Post Corner

5th men's VIII

1. Chasing Fitz round G...
2. First Post Corner - ...
3. Near the outflow

6th men's VIII

1. Pounding up First Post
2. With Greenery - Firs...
3. Hounding Addenbrookes

7th men's VIII

1. First Post Reach
2. First Post Corner
3. Informal Crew Pose

8th men's VIII

1. Derailment around Fi...
2. Bumping Emma
3. First Post Corner


1. First Post Corner

Miscellaneous pictures

1. Formal Picture
2. Formal Photo
3. Amelia Russell

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