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Photo Gallery

Mich Term 2001, by crew

Pictures Arranged by Crew

1st men's VIII

1. Approaching the finish
2. Warm up, from the side
3. Near the start

1st women's VIII

1. Formal Crew Photo
2. Formal Crew Photo
3. Near the start

2nd men's VIII

1. Under the rail bridg...
2. From Emma footbridge
3. Near the start

1st men's novice VIII

1. Side view at the finish
2. On the recovery, fro...
3. Moving in to Plough ...

1st women's novice VIII

1. Glassy water vs. Rob...
2. Caroline
3. Laughing at Jon

2nd men's novice VIII

1. Go!
2. Ready to roll vs. Pe...
3. At the start vs Downing

2nd women's novice VIII

1. Will being knowledge...
2. Leading New Hall in ...
3. Huge lead over Jesus C

3rd men's novice VIII

1. With JPD at the start
2. Approaching the finish
3. With Dan at the start

4th men's novice VIII

1. From Emma footbridge
2. Near the start
3. Passing Emma

BPBC 1st men's VIII

1. A clearly-marked tow...
2. Rich finds a home fr...
3. 1st VIII, except Ste...

BPBC 2nd men's VIII

1. Building up momentum...
2. Past Emma BH, and th...
3. At the catch(es)

Light IV

1. Formal Crew Photo

1st men's Fairbairn IV

1. Hold on, Will
2. Moving away from Ham...
3. Approaching the catch

1st women's IV

1. At the catch
2. After the catch
3. Through the drive phase

2nd men's Fairbairn IV

1. Lining up the start
2. Close up of the 1st ...
3. Puddles of first dra...

2nd women's IV, crew B

1. Approaching the finish

Miscellaneous pictures

1. The infamous maroon ...
2. check out the licenc...
3. Crash at Weeks in Ch...

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