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May Term 2003, by crew

Pictures Arranged by Crew

1st men's VIII

1. Square blades
2. Bow pair with greenery
3. Rowing home after bu...

1st women's VIII

1. Practice start at th...
2. Practice start
3. Passing the Plough

2nd men's VIII

1. Rowing Home with Gre...
2. 2nd VIII song
3. Bow six & greenery

2nd women's VIII

1. The crew at the start
2. Awaiting the start
3. Between Darwin and V...

3rd men's VIII

1. Splashing our way to...
2. Day 2 rerow - Magdal...
3. Splashing outside th...

3rd women's VIII

1. Bow four with greenery
2. Rowing up to the start
3. Rounding Grassy with...

4th men's VIII

1. After the bump
2. Off the start
3. Rowing up to the start

5th men's VIII

1. Near the end
2. In the shade at the ...
3. A few seconds after ...


1. Grad VIII contingent
2. Blade winning 6th VIII
3. 6th VIII return from...

Fellows' VIII

1. Moving away down the...
2. Catz move away in th...
3. Moving into the gut


1. BPBC Ready for Action

Miscellaneous pictures

1. Somebody save me...
2. Twister
3. Hon Secs dress down

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