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Photo Gallery

Lent Term 2005, by crew

Pictures Arranged by Crew

1st men's VIII

1. Din on the bank afte...
2. At the finish
3. Pre-drumps socializing

Women's VIII 'A'

1. JMG gives them a squ...
2. Amelia & Catheri...
3. someone catch jenners

2nd men's VIII

1. Racing Under Hammers...
2. 2nd VIII setting off...
3. Nearly in time

2nd women's VIII

1. Day 3 or 4
2. Brrr...
3. The end of the week

3rd men's VIII

1. So, do you .. errr.....
2. The long row takes i...
3. Catches in at the Pl...

3rd women's VIII

1. Pulling over.
2. Rowing home.
3. At the finish line.

4th men's VIII

1. Rowing to the start
2. Bow 4 a bit on the e...
3. paddling home

5th men's VIII

1. Destroying Maggie V ...
2. At the catch
3. Stern 4

6th men's VIII

1. Effort near the end
2. At the catch
3. Getting the finishes...

Selwyn ladies

1. Told to move on afte...

The thongs, Thongs

1. Pre-drumps socializing
2. whooo!
3. The thongs - VICTORIOUS

Maggie boys

1. Pre-drumps socializing

Fat Duck, The fastest duck on the Cam.

1. Aww, group quack
2. I see you!
3. Kind of reminds you ...

BPBC 1st men's VIII

1. Lack of cover probab...
2. Poised at the catch
3. Returning after the ...

BPBC 1st women's VIII

2. The crew were bored ...
3. BPBC WeHoRR at the c...

1st men's IV, 2nd men's VIII outside IV

1. Mid drive
2. Looking good at firs...

1st women's IV

1. The mighty first IV

Sebastian Pancratz

1. It's a clinker!
2. And away to the finish
3. Pulling through on G...

Miscellaneous pictures

1. CUBC Dev Squad showi...
2. Supporting Cambridge...
3. Boat race support in...

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