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Photo Gallery

Mich Term 2006, by event

Pictures Arranged by Event

Pairs Head

1. Amelia and Catherine
2. Catherine and Amelia
3. Catherine and Amelia

University IVs

1. W1 with medals and p...
2. W1 pleased with thei...
3. Cheesy Catherine

Cambridge Winter Head

1. Finishing the race, ...
2. Just crossing the li...
3. More exciting crab a...

Clare Novice Regatta

1. Dodgy Sepia
2. 2nds show their blad...
3. PJ debates wonders w...

Novice Fairbairn Cup

1. There's an imposter ...
2. Going home
3. Another rowing photo

Fairbairn Cup

1. On the drive
2. Catches together
3. Finishes out

Fairbairn Cup - IVs

1. Now with scarves and...
2. Winning women's IV f...
3. Winning women's IV f...

Christmas Head

1. Approaching the finish
2. Finish in sight
3. Passing Trinity boat...

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