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Mich Term 2005, by crew

Pictures Arranged by Crew

1st men's VIII

1. Ditton
2. Approaching Elizabet...
3. Bow 5 at the finish ...

1st women's VIII

1. Pia checks out Mr JE...
2. Sitting up into the ...
3. Strong finishes

2nd men's VIII

1. At Chesterton
2. At the start
3. At the start

2nd women's VIII

1. View to the finish
2. On First Post Reach
3. On First Post Reach

1st men's novice VIII

1. andy goes "grrr...
2. The third senior men...
3. Tidy catches from st...

1st women's novice VIII

1. Matching kit!
2. Stern 4
3. Bow 4

2nd men's novice VIII

1. Down First Post Reach
2. Looking pretty good ...
3. On First Post Reach

2nd women's novice VIII

1. 200 stroke push for ...
2. Warming up
3. Pushing hard

3rd men's novice VIII

1. With the 2nds
2. Sepia
3. NM3 2005

3rd women's novice VIII

1. At the finish line
2. Still Marshalling
3. Marshalling

4th men's novice VIII

1. Nearing the finish
2. Final push
3. Crossing the start line

5th men's novice VIII

1. Triumphant
2. After finishing

BPBC 1st men's VIII

1. At the start
2. At the start
3. Now Jon's having a s...

BPBC 1st women's VIII

1. She's finished now
2. Still drinking
3. Bron grabbing a quic...

BPBC 2nd men's VIII

1. At the start
2. At the start
3. From Chesterton Bridge

Light IV

1. Winners
2. Last 50m
3. Big lead into the fi...

1st men's IV

1. Winding for the start
2. Winding for the start

1st women's IV

1. Exhausted already wi...
2. Rounding Ditton
3. Rounding Ditton

James Scott, MLBC

1. Committee Love
2. The Victor
3. Amelia's warm-down

Atlantic Prince

1. 500m splits vs dista...

Atlantic Prince, Ex-captains - Rich Dewire and Dan Darley

1. Rowing through the m...
2. Dan at the oars
3. The golden beard

Miscellaneous pictures

1. Rich rowing at sea
2. The turtle
3. Dan rowing at sea

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