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Photo Gallery

Mich Term 2008, by crew

Pictures Arranged by Crew

1st men's VIII

1. FaT M1 racing off
2. FaT M1 ready to start
3. Tom with his three y...

1st women A

1. W1 Mich 08
2. Concentrated faces
3. Shot from Emma footb...

2nd men's VIII

1. M2
2. M2

2nd women's VIII

1. Women's 2nd VIII
2. Women's 2nd VIII

3rd women's VIII, (aka NW1)

1. Women's 3rd VIII (NW1)
2. Women's 3rd VIII (NW1)

1st women's novice VIII

1. Morning of Novice Fa...
2. A bit messy around G...
3. Tidy on the Way to t...

BPBC 1st men's VIII

1. Off they go
2. Discussing what star...
3. First stroke

1st men's IV

1. From Hammersmith Bridge
2. The run into the finish

1st women's IV

1. Ulrike
2. Victorious
3. Winner

2nd men's IV

1. 2nd Men's IV
2. 2nd Men's IV
3. 2nd Men's IV

2nd women's IV

1. Danny coxing
2. Drive phase
3. Checking gates

BPBC 1st women's IV

1. Danny and Jenny

Miscellaneous pictures

1. Tom receives the Wom...
2. "Quick catches!...

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